What features does WHMCS support?

WHMCS is a very powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), billing and support solution, offering features and functionality that should cover most every need. WHMCS works with a wide array of hosting control panels, billing gateways and domain registrars.

If you need to invoice customers on a one-time or recurring basis, process payments online, provision services, turn services off if clients do not renew and process cancellations - all automatically, then WHMCS is for you! Not only that, but feature-rich support systems (knowledgebase, support ticket systems with email importing, service status monitoring and notices) help efficiently manage customer communication and ensure satisfaction.

The software is designed to be customisable so it can be as unique as your business. All the text can be changed, templates allow the appearance of pages and email messages to be changed however you need.

For the coders amongst you, WHMCS also has an extensive API and hook system which allows the developers to extend WHMCS even further! Check out our dedicated Developer Documentation portal to learn more.

To learn more, check out our Feature Tour and head over to https://www.whmcs.com/pricing/ to get started!

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