I'm seeing a Down for Maintenance error when accessing my WHMCS admin area

Whilst the WHMCS software is being updated, a "Down for Maintenance" message is displayed This prevents any changes being made to the data whilst the upgrade is in progress.

The software detects whether an upgrade is in progress by comparing the version of the PHP files against the version number stored in the database. If the two do not match, the maintenance message is displayed.

Should this message appear at any other time, it suggests that the PHP file version does not match the database version. To resolve this:

  • Open the init.php and cart.php files using your preferred text editor
  • At the top of the file the version number is displayed
  • Then using a tool such as phpmyadmin, browse the WHMCS MySQL database and select the tblconfiguration table
  • Look for the Version and note down the value

If the PHP files are from a newer version of WHMCS than the database, upload the /install directory and run the upgrade process.

If the database is from a newer version of WHMCS than the PHP files, upload the full release version files from the corresponding version. The files can be downloaded from http://download.whmcs.com

Once the appropriate remedial steps have been taken to match the file and database versions, WHMCS will load as normal.

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