Notifications Center

Your favorite team messaging apps now integrated into WHMCS

Slack and HipChat Logos

Get notified about events that matter to you with the new notifications center.

Configure rule based notifications for events such as new tickets, replies, new orders and more and configure them to be posted to your teams via HipChat Rooms and/or Slack Channels.

Plus integrate with other systems using the new Notifications Provider API.

Improved Phone Number Input

A better user experience

The new input field experience is designed to simplify the process of entering international phone numbers.

It's now simpler, easier and clearer for customers and administrators alike to know how they should format phone numbers, and how to indicate the country a phone number is located in.

Ticket Collision Detection

Improved detection and warning system helps prevent duplication

Collision detection prevents you from replying to a ticket or making changes when the status of a ticket has changed since you originally opened it.

The new alerts will alert you any time a change is made to any one of 8 different ticket attributes so you can make better informed decisions before submitting replies or making changes.

Credit Checkout Options

An improved user experience that gives customers more control

With WHMCS 7.4, customers get more flexiblity and control over when their pre-funded credit balance is used.

Through a new set of options presented during checkout, customers can choose if they wish to have credit from their credit balance automatically applied to new orders they submit. Opting out allows them to pay via any of your available payment methods as normal.

API Permissions

Greater control over your API users and permissions

Building on the API Authentication Credentials feature introduced in WHMCS 7.2, now you can create API Roles that allow you to limit API Credentials and restrict access to specific API actions.

This feature enables greater control and security when using the API with connected apps and services.

New Translations

Now you can localise your support departments

Make your support team and departments more accessible to non-native language users with the ability to localise support department names and descriptions.

CCAvenue v2 API Integration

A new payment gateway integration allows you to take advantage of the CCAvenue V2 API for payment processing.

Improved Mobile UX

A better responsive experience for users when using the domain checker on mobile and tablets.

Improved Logging

We've expanded the itemised change logging to include changes to service addons and domains.

New Email Merge Fields

New email merge fields are available for working with client and service custom fields.

New Hook Points

Additional hook points have been made available for working with orders and domains.