Faster WordPress Hosting Checkout
Open-Xchange Mailbox Aliases · Digicert Site Seals

Faster WordPress Hosting Checkout

A quicker checkout experience for customers purchasing WordPress Hosting

In WHMCS 8.3 we made it easier to offer WordPress Hosting by providing built-in functionality to automatically provision and install WordPress to cPanel and Plesk hosting accounts.

In WHMCS 8.4, we've made the checkout experience faster by introducing support for WordPress provisioning to be run in parallel, enabling checkout to be completed more quickly in scenarios where provisioning occurs during checkout. We're calling this new feature Event Handling.

Open-Xchange Mailbox Aliases

Create and Manage Email Aliases from the WHMCS Client Area

Customers of the OX App Suite service can now create and manage email aliases from the WHMCS Client Area. Email Aliases allow additional email addresses to be created that can be used for sending and receiving mail from a single OX App Suite email account without any additional costs.

OX App Suite is the Email & Productivity Suite available from WHMCS MarketConnect. Learn more in our Feature Spotlight on OX App Suite.

Digicert Site Seals

SSL Certificate Site Seal Code now available in the WHMCS Client Area

Site Seals are an important part of paid SSL Certificates and enable your customers to show their website visitors that their website is secured with a market leading and recognised SSL Certificate.

In WHMCS 8.4, clients can now find and copy-and-paste the site seal code for their SSL Certificate purchases directly within the WHMCS Client Area.

Optimized Merchandising for SSL Products

Enabling you to promote your best performing SSL products

You can now add recommendation labels and background highlights to the SSL Products of your choice within MarketConnect to help guide your customers to your most popular and best performing security products.

Automatic Updater Improvements

Additional pre-flight checks to help ensure a successful update

The Auto Updater will now perform additional checks prior to attempting to perform an update. These new checks are intended to reduce update failures caused by file ownership and permission issues which prevent WHMCS from being able to write file updates to disk.