WHMCS Reseller Program

Offering WHMCS licenses with your hosting services is a great way to attract more customers to your service by providing one of the most in demand billing & support solutions for web hosts available today, at a discounted rate.

Resell WHMCS Licenses

Our reseller program offers increasing discounts on license purchases based on the volume you sell. Starting at 15% discount per license, and with a low minimum of just 5 license keys, you can start offering licenses without a large outlay and as your resold customer base grows, so will your profits with diminishing per license rates.

Big Discounts

Get 15%-55% off the standard license purchase price. $68/mo to get started and feature “auto-tiers”.

On Demand Licenses

Add and remove licenses on demand, swap reseller tiers with ease. You are in complete control.

Completion Automation

Module, API, Web. At WHMCS we have a wide range of tools and resources for integration.

  • Reseller Benefits
  • On Demand License Activations and Cancellations
  • Free WHMCS Reseller License Module for License Sales & Management
  • Complete Reseller License API for Custom Integrations
  • Reseller Portal for Real Time Statistics, Documentation, and Marketing
  • Automatic Discounts After You Have Reached the Next Tier
  • Get Started for Less Than $68.00 USD Per Month
  • Reseller Requirements
  • An Active WHMCS License Yourself Purchased Directly From WHMCS
  • For Owned Licenses, You Must Have Active Support & Updates
  • Have Your Account in Good Standing & 90 Days of Good Billing History
  • Agree to Our Reseller Provider Agreement
  • Maintain a Minimum of 5 Reseller Licenses on Your Account
  • You May Only Sell Licenses to Your Own Web Hosting or Dedicated Customers

Automated License Management

The WHMCS License Reseller Manager Addon makes reselling WHMCS easier than ever before. This drop-in addon allows you to track who license keys are assigned to, automatically reuse license keys upon cancellation, upgrade to apply branding removal, and reissue license keys on demand.

Tier Branded Price Discount
5 Monthly Branded Licenses $13.60 15%
10 Monthly Branded Licenses $12.80 20%
25 Monthly Branded Licenses $11.20 30%
50 Monthly Branded Licenses $9.60 40%
75 Monthly Branded Licenses $8.00 50%
100 Monthly Branded Licenses $7.20 55%
Tier Unbranded Price Discount
5 Monthly Unbranded Licenses $15.60 18%
10 Monthly Unbranded Licenses $14.80 22%
25 Monthly Unbranded Licenses $13.20 30%
50 Monthly Unbranded Licenses $11.60 39%
75 Monthly Unbranded Licenses $10.00 47%
100 Monthly Unbranded Licenses $9.20 51%

FAQ & Support

Have a question? Check out our FAQ or contact our dedicated Reseller department.

Contact Us
We do! There’s no point having a great product for people to use if they can’t get the support they need to get it running in the first place so we provide full support to your resold customers just the same as if they had signed up directly with us. We also have an active community forum where they can obtain help from others.
On the 6th of each month you will be billed for active licenses on your account. We will generate an invoice for the active licenses.
The reseller program is intended for web hosts, to allow them to offer WHMCS licenses along with their reseller, VPS and/or dedicated hosting services. The reseller program does not allow selling licenses to the general public, or as a standalone item.
License keys are issued one at a time. After your initial 5 licenses have been purchased, you can add and remove licenses on demand.