Payments are not being recorded in my WHMCS installation, invoices stay in Unpaid status

If you are receiving payments into your payment gateway account (Eg. PayPal, 2Checkout, but this is not being reflected in WHMCS and the invoices are remaining in Unpaid status, it indicates an error or misconfiguration.

Begin your troubleshooting by navigating to the Billing > Gateway Log page within your WHMCS Admin area. Here you should see the communication between WHMCS and your payment gateway. Use the Search/Filter tool to search for the transaction ID of the payment which was not recorded in WHMCS.

  • The Result and Debug columns will contain the response from your payment gateway when it attempted to notify WHMCS of the payment.

The explanation of common errors are located in the Troubleshooting sections of each payment gateway's dedicated page of our documentation. For the more uncommon errors and interpreting error codes, we recommend referring to your payment gateway's own documentation

  • If there is no record of a transaction in the Gateway Log, this indicates a misconfiguration is causing notifications from your payment gateway not to reach your WHMCS installation.

Refer to the Configuration sections of each payment gateway's dedicated page of our documentation, and ensure any extra configuration steps have been completed.

Once the error or misconfiguration has been corrected, future payments will be automatically recorded in WHMCS and invoices marked paid. Transactions which were not recorded automatically can be added manually.

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