I just moved my WHMCS installation and need to update the license. How do I do that?

If you move your WHMCS installation to a new domain, IP or directory, your license will need to be updated.

If you purchased your license directly from us, you can reissue your license from our client area at https://www.whmcs.com/members/

  1. Login and navigate to Services > Licenses & Services.
  2. Select the license key you wish to change.
  3. Click the orange Reissue License button on the left-hand sidebar.

The next time you visit your WHMCS installation the new location will be saved as the valid location for that license.

If however you obtain your license as part of your web hosting package from your web hosting provider then you will need to contact your web hosting provider to have them update the license for you.

Please note license keys obtained via web hosting providers are valid only for use with that host.  If you are moving to a different hosting provider it will not be possible to take you licence key with you.  A new licence key will be required for use in the new location.

For more information on moving a WHMCS installation, please refer to http://docs.whmcs.com/Licensing#Moving_WHMCS

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