I'm seeing a Licence Suspended message in error

If you are seeing a licence suspended message when attempting to access your WHMCS Admin Area, rest assured that your customers will not encounter any errors or reduced functionality in the ordering and client area. The WHMCS software and automation will continue to function despite the licence suspended message.

  1. The most common cause of a licence suspension error is an overdue payment on your account. Please review the members area for any unpaid invoices relating to your WHMCS licence key.
  2. Our automated checks may have identified a problem with the way the software licence is being used. For example licenses obtained through certain providers can only be used on that provider's servers. If a potential problem is identified the licence could be suspended automatically. Licences purchased directly from whmcs.com can be used on any provider's servers.
  3. A misconfiguration in the server PHP environment may be outputting an invalid response during the software licence check, this causes our automated checks to suspend the licence automatically. Please review the following points:
    1. SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is outputting a valid domain
    2. SERVER["SERVER_ADDR"] is outputting a valid IP address
    3. dirname(__FILE__) is outputting a valid file path
To re-activate a suspended licence once the underlying cause has been resolved, please contact our Customer Service & Licensing team and they'll be happy to assist you in getting back up and running.
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