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Support and Updates was part of a legacy "Owned" license type which was removed from sale in 2016 and licenses grandfathered. As of 6th April 2021, Support and Updates have been discontinued and are no longer available. It determines eligibility to receive technical support and software updates. The following does not apply to monthly leased licenses.

Can I continue using the software once my Support and Updates subscription expires?

Yes. Owned licenses do not expire, even if the support and updates agreement has lapsed. You can still keep the license and even keep running and using our software at the current version for an unlimited number of client accounts.

Access to downloads from our website, software updates, or contact our support teams will be restricted.


How do I access new software versions once lapsed?

Accessing new software updates and technical support is a quick three step process:

  1. Purchase a new monthly license via:
  2. Login to your WHMCS administration area and navigate to ? > License Information
  3. Click the Change License Key button, enter your newly issued license key and click Change License Key.

What about Security Updates?

Security related updates are provided free of charge to all license holders. These do not require an active Support and Updates subscription and are available to download, install and run even should your Support and Updates subscription has lapsed.

Please Note: Long Term Support policy rules do still apply, and you can only run the versions up to and including the latest available minor version at the time your Support and Updates access expired.

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