How to take part in Beta Testing

We invite all of our direct customers to take part in beta testing.

Beta testing means installing a version of our software that is in a pre-release status, and not yet recommended for production use. It gives you access to the very latest new features and functionality first, and gives you a chance to help shape the final delivery of the feature with your feedback and comments. Since each beta version is a work in progress, some features may be missing or incomplete and you may encounter bugs. But we’re listening for your feedback. Your input will help us fix problems, prioritise features, and build a better WHMCS product.

The aim for us in releasing pre-releases is to have them used in as many different configurations and scenarios as possible. There are so many different possible ways to leverage the functionality available in WHMCS, and so many modules, customisations and add-ons, that we simply cannot beat real-life testing and feedback. Ultimately this allows us to provide a level of Quality Control and Assurance that goes beyond what we can simulate in the lab, and benefits everyone.

How to get involved

Our pre-release test releases are available to all direct license holders. Unfortunately, pre-releases are not available to customers of resellers as you need a direct account with us at in order to access and download the beta.

To download the latest beta, simply visit and select the Beta Releases tab. You can install or upgrade to a beta release in the normal way.

Remember! We do not recommend running a pre-release version in production. We recommend creating a second installation dedicated to testing pre-release versions and upgrades.

Need a license for testing?

We are pleased to be able to offer a free development only license (one that allows you to have a second private installation) to all direct license holders free of charge.

For more information, please see our Development License article.

Provide your feedback

We have a dedicated board on our community to receive feedback on the beta:

You don't even have to find a bug to take part. Just by installing the beta and giving the new features a try you can participate; let us know whether everything worked well in your environment, tell us what you like or what you don't like.

We also welcome bug reports directly via

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