Can I use WHMCS in a Dual-Stack IP Environment?

WHMCS can be installed and used on servers which support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a dual-stack environment.

When the WHMCS administration area is accessed for the first time, - or following a reissue - the domain, IP address and directory detected by the server's PHP configuration are recorded for licensing purposes. If accessed via an IPv4 connection, the server will return an IPv4 address and vice versa for IPv6.

If WHMCS is installed on a server which supports a second IP protocol version, we suggest adding that address to the license. This will ensure that the admin area can be accessed from both IPv4 and IPv6 internet connections, and that branding is properly removed from the client area for visitors on both IPv4 an IPv6 connections*.

To add the second IP address please contact our friendly Licensing Team and provide the other IP protocol version address.


The current licensed IP address can be viewed in our client area at any time:

  • Navigate to Services > My Licenses
  • Click on the license key in question
  • Scroll down to view the license details, and specifically the Valid IPs section

If both IPv4 and IPv6 are licensed you'll see both in a comma separated list, eg:



* Branding removal is dependant upon your licence tier.

  • ipv6
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