Client Limit Approaching for License Keys

Why am I seeing a message saying I'm approaching my limit?

WHMCS license pricing is structured in tiers, the tier is determined by the number of active client accounts in your installation.

This notice appears when you are approaching the maximum number of clients accounts permitted by the current license tier.

It provides advanced notice that when the current client limit is reached, your license will be upgraded to the next tier.


What do I need to do?

For the majority of users no action is required. Once the client account limit is reached in future, your license will automatically upgrade to the next tier and the notice will disappear.


If you have disabled Automatic License Tier Upgrades via our client area, please login and upgrade the license to the next tier:

  1. Navigate to Services > My Licenses
  2. Click on the License Key to be upgraded
  3. Click the Upgrade License link on the sidebar
  4. Choose the next license tier, and follow the checkout process through to complete the purchase


Are there any costs involved in license upgrades?

There is no pro-rata charge for moving into the next license tier in the middle of a billing cycle.

For manual upgrades placed via our client area, there is a pro-rated charge for the price difference between tiers for the remaining billing cycle.

Your next renewal invoice will reflect the price of the new license tier.


What is considered an active client account?

An active client is defined as a account with at least one active product, service, add-on or domain.

This is evaluated by the daily automation tasks and the status adjusted based on your Client Status Update setting.


How do I see how many active client accounts there are?

This article shows how to locate the current number of active client accounts: How do I see how many active client accounts there are?

What are the cost of the license tiers?

Please refer to the pricing guide on our website for the current pricing:


What happens if I exceed the client limit?

Your installation will continue to function normally on the client side and retain the ability to accept new signups and orders.

Admin management functionality will be restricted to only those clients under your client limit. You will need to upgrade to be able to access and manage new customers.

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