Software Licensing

Build, License and Distribute your PHP software applications with WHMCS Licensing Addon

Smart, simple and automated licensing

Easy Copy & Paste Integration

A ready made PHP SDK makes it easy to get up and running quickly with copy & paste ready code.

Local & Remote Keys

Ensure customers get uninterrupted access to your apps even if you experience downtime.

Self Service Portal

WHMCS gives you a client portal, signup/order form, payment processing and self-service portal.

Give your clients self-service access

With WHMCS Software Licensing, you get all the features of WHMCS + Software Licensing for your apps.
The client portal allows your clients to view, reissue, upgrade and access downloads for their license at any time.

Use a tried and tested platform to protect and license your apps

We use the WHMCS Licensing Addon to license and distribute the WHMCS application to thousands of customers

More Licensing Features

Automatic License Activation

When the customer installs your app, it's automatically activated.

License Key Generation

You control your license key format with options to customise prefix and length.

Download Restrictions

Enforce download restrictions for products that require a valid license or support package.

Add-ons & Options

Sell your licensed products with optional add-ons and extras controllable via the license.

License Reissues

Automate the process of moving a license key to a new location for maximum convenience.

Catch Abuse

Automatically detect and block license reissuing abuse.

The licensing addon module for WHMCS allows you to license your own web applications and restrict their use according to your licensing agreements. With the experience we've gained in licensing WHMCS itself, you can rest assured that your commercial products will be licensed by a strong and reliable system if you choose the WHMCS + Licensing Addon for your needs.

Supporting both local and remote key validation, remote checks where your software "calls home" to your WHMCS installation to validate the license work in tandem with local keys to ensure that your customers access is uniterupted regardless of downtime.

With ready made integration code provided for PHP applications, but with a flexible and open API, the WHMCS Licensing Add-on can be used to license software applications in any programming language.

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