FTP Username/Control Panel Username value is not valid

When submitting a support ticket via our website, the following validation errors may be displayed after entering access credentials:

The following errors occurred:

  • FTP Username value is not valid
  • Control Panel Username value is not valid

This message occurs when the phrase root is detected in the FTP Username or Control Panel Username fields.


For the purposes of troubleshooting a PHP script such as WHMCS we require the ability to read & write WHMCS files via one or more of the following access types:

  1. File system access to the web user (ie. /home/username)
  2. Or SSH access jailed to the web user
  3. User level access to control panel (ie. cPanel level access in cPanel with Terminal, or Customer level access in Plesk)

Server root permissions are not required. Therefore in-line with best security practice - to use only the strictly necessary levels of access - we discourage the provision of root credentials.

These measures are in place to help protect your security.


To resolve this error, please update the credentials on the ticket with the level of access itemized above, ensure the username does not begin with the phrase root and re-submit.


WHMCS support staff will access your system from the IP address, please ensure this is added to any allowed lists as required.

We thank you for your understanding.

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