PayPal Payments. A revolution in PayPal Subscription billing automation for WHMCS.

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2 New Integrations, delivering a huge leap forward in End User Experience for PayPal with WHMCS

PayPal Payments

Accept payments with PayPal, with full recurring billing support, utilising PayPal's Saved Payment Methods technology enabling flexible recurring and on-demand billing of variable price and term subscription plans.

Replaces the previous PayPal Basic and PayPal Checkout integrations.

Requires PayPal Vault capability for Recurring Payments.

Available for merchants in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and the following EU Countries: AT (Austria), BE (Belgium), BG (Bulgaria), CY (Republic of Cyprus), CZ (Czech Republic), DE(Germany), DK (Denmark), EE (Estonia), ES (Spain), FI (Finland), FR (France), GR (Greece), HU (Hungary), IE (Ireland, IT (Italy), LI (Liechtenstein), LT (Lithuania), LU (Luxembourg), LV (Latvia), MT (Malta), NL (Netherland), NO (Norway), PL (Poland), PT (Portugal), RO (Romania), SE (Sweden), SI (Slovenia), SK (Slovakia).

Last Updated 12 Feb 2024.

PayPal Card Payments

Accept all major credit and debit cards transparently and seamlessly with an on-website checkout experience, using your PayPal merchant processing account.

Replaces the PayPal Payments Pro and PayFlow Pro integrations.

Requires Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments capability.

Currently available for merchants in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain & UK.

Requires PayPal Vault capability for Recurring Payments. See supported country list left.

These 2 integrations are now the recommended integrations for accepting payments via PayPal with WHMCS for all merchants.

PayPal Payments

Authorize once and checkout faster

With the new PayPal Payments integration combined with PayPal's latest Vaulting technology, you get complete flexibility over recurring billing with PayPal that elevates the PayPal experience to be on par with credit and debit card convenience.

Faster Checkout

A simplified experience that allows customers to authorize charges for all their products and services through a single agreement.

Branded Checkout

A modal based experience means customers don't ever leave your website to complete the payment authorisation with PayPal.

Complete Billing

No matter the term or pricing, with a PayPal Payments vaulted payment method, you get total flexibility of amount and term.

Optimised Upsells

With authorisation in place, users can checkout faster and pay with PayPal without needing to re-authorize.

PayPal Card Payments

Use your PayPal account as your merchant credit card processor also

The latest integration of PayPal Card Payments, harnessing PayPal's advanced Credit and Debit Cards technology, enables you to seamlessly accept payments from major credit and debit cards. This integration provides an on-site checkout experience utilizing your PayPal merchant processing account, allowing customers to conveniently pay with the credit/debit card of their preference.

Fast & Convenient

Allow your customers to checkout and pay by credit/debit card without ever leaving your website.

Seamless Checkout

Customers never see the payment gateway behind your card processing, creating a fully branded experience.

Built-in Fraud Controls

PayPal helps you handle the risk of fraudulent purchases with AI-powered monitoring.


Customers' payment information is stored securely by PayPal, helping to ensure compliance and minimise risk.

Saved Payment Methods

The next evolution of PayPal Billing Agreements from PayPal

By utilizing Saved Payment Methods, your customers grant you initial authorization for charges on their PayPal account. Subsequently, WHMCS gains complete control over the timing and amount of charges, unlocking much more flexibility including:

Variable Term

Fully automated recurring billing of items within a single order with differing payment terms.

Variable Amounts

Variable-priced items whose price is determined by usage or metric billing.

Unlimited Terms

Supports all of the billing cycles that WHMCS supports, from 1 day to 100 years.

Seamless Upgrades

Perform price adjustments/increases without the customer having to re-authorize payment.

Say Goodbye to Subscription Hassles

The convenience and flexiblity of credit card processing with PayPal

With the new PayPal Payments integration for WHMCS, you get to wave goodbye to Subscription Hassles. Over and Under-Payments become a thing of the past thanks to WHMCS taking full control of the payment collection process. Invoices are always paid in full, with WHMCS determining the amount to charge and when. Plus benefit from the exact same retry logic as with credit and debit card payments.

PayPal Brand Recognition

Increase checkouts and conversions

PayPal's brand recognition helps give customers the confidence to buy.

PayPal can help small- and medium- sized businesses increase checkout conversion by up to 62%*.

* Nielsen, commissioned by PayPal, Nielsen Behavioral Panel of UK with 9K monthly average SMB desktop purchase transactions, from 3K consumers between April 2022-March 2023.

More reasons to offer PayPal

PayPal's size, scale, and experience volume allows for strong global relationships to help you better serve customers, maximise costs, and help drive sales.

$1.36 trillion
total payment volume in 2022
$20+ billion
transactions annually
400+ million
active PayPal accounts
35 million
active merchant accounts
#1 most downloaded
finance and banking app globally
in Consumer Report analysis for privacy, transparency, and security