WHMCS 8.10 Now Available in General Availability
Offer your customers a powerful Site Builder solution with WHMCS + Sitejet

Sitejet powered by WebPros

Now in General Availability

Sitejet Site Builder

Offer your customers a Site Builder fully integrated with cPanel and Plesk

Sitejet Builder in WHMCS 8.10

Sitejet Builder, now available for all cPanel & WHM and Plesk hosting servers, enables you to offer your customers a powerful Site Builder experience where websites are published to and hosted on your cPanel & WHM and Plesk servers.

The native and full support in WHMCS 8.10 provides a first class optimised experience for users who have a Sitejet Builder enabled hosting plan, with prominent and direct access to Sitejet Builder via the customer portal dashboard utilising single sign-on technology.

For hosting plans where Sitejet Builder is not included by default, WHMCS will automatically promote applicable plan upgrades, or product addons that can be purchased to grant access.

A new dedicated welcome email also puts Sitejet Builder front and center, giving end users clear direction to kickstart their online journey.

Auto-Cancel Overdue Invoices

Automatically cancel invoices that remain unpaid

In WHMCS 8.10 and later, WHMCS can automatically cancel invoices after they have been overdue for a specified number of days on a schedule you define.

This functionality will not cancel any overdue invoices that have partial payment or credits applied.

PDF Invoice Download Permissions

Now any admin user with either View or Manage Invoice permissions can download PDF Invoices.

CloudFlare® Proxy Check

WHMCS will now automatically detect when your site is behind CloudFlare and provide a convenience feature to auto-update settings.