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ResellerClub provide a domain reselling solution for use with WHMCS!

Founded in 1998 and with over 2 million domains registered, ResellerClub provides a fully automated domain reselling solution and by being a WHMCS client, you get to avoid the usual setup fees and initial deposits required to access very competitive domain pricing.

Everything else is the same, you still manage your account directly with ResellerClub, and you still get support directly from them, it’s simply by pooling together with other WHMCS users that we are able to bring you the benefits of lower pricing, fantastic promotions and NO MINIMUM DEPOSITS so you just pay for the domain names you want.

Fully Automated Domain & SSL Management…

  • Domain Registrations, Transfers & Renewals
  • View/Update Nameservers
  • View/Update WHOIS Contact Info
  • Lock/Unlock Domain + ID Protection
  • Register/Manage Private Nameservers
  • Request EPP Codes
  • Automated SSL Certificates Provisioning & Configuration

Domain Pricing

SSL Certificates

Here is a selection of domain & SSL pricing. Many more TLDs are offered by ResellerClub
(Full list @

TLD Register/Transfer/Renew
.com $9.45/Year
.net $9.85/Year
.org $10.05/Year
.biz $9.45/Year $11.80/2 Years
.ca $13.49/Year
.eu $7.99/Year
.info $8.95/Year
.us $8.49/Year
.tel $14.95/Year
.tv $34.95/Year
Security Products Price
SSL123 Certificate $27 (1 Year)
$49 (2 Years)
Web Server Certificate $84 (1 Year)
$149 (2 Years)
SGC SuperCert $196 (1 Year)
$359 (2 Years)
Wildcard Server Certificate $359 (1 Year)
$574 (2 Years)
Domain Privacy Protection $3.00/Year
Managed DNS FREE!
Email/Domain Forwarding FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I signup?
You can register for a free ResellerClub account with no setup fees or minimum initial deposits @

Where do I go to login & manage my domains?
If you have configured your ResellerClub account with WHMCS then you’ll be able to register and manage domains directly from within your WHMCS system but if you need to login to the ResellerClub control panel then you can do that @

Where can I find the prices I get charged for other TLDs?
To view the pricing for every TLD you can buy, begin by registering and then logging into the ResellerClub control panel. Next, navigate to Settings > Manage Products and Pricing > Set the price for the TLDs you want to sell, then select the Sub-Reseller Tab and then click Manage Pricing for the TLD you want to view. You will then see a “Your Cost Price” row showing the amount you get charged for each type of that TLD.

How do I configure ResellerClub in WHMCS?
It’s very easy to do and we have a step by step guide showing how to configure your DirectI/ResellerClub account inside WHMCS @

You simply need to configure the ResellerClub module as described there and then setup your domain pricing and TLDs you want to offer in WHMCS as described @