Upcoming Changes to Reseller Program Pricing

Upcoming Notice of Changes

Tiered pricing structure coming to WHMCS reseller program

Dear Valued WHMCS Reseller,

As you may already know on Oct. 3rd, 2016 we announced the introduction of a tiered pricing structure for our direct license customers.

Following the announcement we have had the opportunity to reach out to numerous reseller partners, as well as collect direct input from all our clients. Based on this feedback we will be introducing the following changes to the Reseller Program.

Beginning on July 1st, 2017, a tiered pricing structure will be implemented for resold licenses as follows:

Up to 250 clientsNo change
251 – 1000 ClientsYour Volume Base Price + $10
1001+ ClientsYour Volume Base Price + $20

Licenses for over 251 clients include no-branding as standard.

We would like to note that your current base price, which is determined by the volume of resold licenses you manage, will not be changing.

For example, here is the resold license purchase cost for a reseller whose volume is 2nd level pricing:

- License up to 250 Clients with Branding - $12.80 (No change)
- License up to 250 Clients with No Branding - $14.80 (No change)
- License up to 1000 Clients with No Branding - $22.80
- License over 1000 Clients with No Branding - $32.80

During our consultation period, maintaining a direct relationship with the license holder was a top priority for resellers therefore these changes were designed to ensure that can remain.

We will be publishing new API commands that help you track and determine when licenses are approaching their client limit. If you are using the WHMCS License Manager, these new API commands will be incorporated in order to automate the license upgrade process. Additionally, based on your collective feedback, the License Manager will receive other features that improve and simplify license management. The new API commands and the updated WHMCS License Manager will be available at least 30 days prior to the introduction of the new pricing structure.

We truly appreciate you as a reselling partner and look forward to your continued success.

If you have any questions, please contact us at resellers@whmcs.com


WHMCS Reseller Team