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Category: Client Area Addon - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 09/08/2015 - Supported Versions: 4.5.x,5.x

-Admin Login /Logout notify
-Muliple SMS language Patterns
-Multple simultaneus SMS Gateways Support
-Easy API for every sms gateway intergration!
-Sent SMS with all services info: Domain,Hosting Packname, Expiry Date, NextDue Date, Recurring amount, Days Left..and many more!
-Ability to choose date format for Expiry Date & Next Due Date
-Ability for multiply SMS notification at N days before expire (30,5: 30
days & 5 days before expire)
-Ability to sent SMS bigger than 160 characters (Long SMS)
-Ability to recieve SMS at N hours from CronJob run
-History for sent SMS
-Status for sent SMS
-Cost for sent SMS
-Upcoming SMS that will sent
-Ability to ask Credit cost for a specific number
-Wizard tool for coping Phone filed to SMS contact Table
-Page for SMS Management for each client
-Ability to enable / disable to recieve SMS for each customer
-Mass SMS, can sent SMS to all customers with certain message text.
-Notification for new orders, new support tickets or replies also on certain
ticket status (Customer-Reply), on invoice paid with many message keywords.

Please visit my website to see more features & screenshots

Forum Discussion Thread: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?36495-WHMCS-SMS-Notify

1596 Users found this useful. Click here to vote for this addon

Version: 1.1 - Last Updated: 12/04/2010

  • Mass SMS
  • Admin notifcation
  • Impovements

Version: 1.2 - Last Updated: 30/04/2010

  • Force SMS: Sends SMS to customer before number of days before expire (after cronjob run)
  • Improved function calculating the schedule date/time (Time to Sent,+x from CronJob)
  • fixed invoicepaid action
  • added autocopabillity for older versions that 4.2.x (for ticketstatuses)
  • added more keywords on InvoicePaid text pattern
  • added to Wizards:Copy Clients Phone Number to SMS Manage Table option for custom field
  • added to Wizards:Load Message Pattern Presets.
  • added to Wizards:Some Sms Actions like uninstall,reinstall,change license key

Version: 1.4.0 - Last Updated: 18/01/2011

  • Custom Fields (Mobile,Get Notifications) on Order Form
  • ManageSMS.php page synchronization with custom fields
  • Add more actions to sms the admin and Client (ex. password change, admin reply to ticket etc)
  • Code re-wrtten and improved with extenize ability. (you can find the developer pdf at our client area)
  • API for Developers to extend our Software - We targeting to add easily their gateway.
  • Currency keyword added and Triennially cycle too.
  • Select which departments would like to get sms
  • Copy Phone to Wizards changed and re-written.
  • Licensing,ForceSMS and SMS dailyCron Function rewritten and improved
  • Upcoming improved, added icons that indicates the phone/get sms status
  • History log impoved, more details now available
  • Error Handling
  • Added more flexibility to gateways addons (for Devs)
  • Low Credit Balance on Mass SMS and at every day after cron
  • Delete SMS History Log after X days
  • Supports 6 gateways and easily each developer can add and share a gateway addon!

Version: 1.4.1 - Last Updated: 22/01/2011

  • WHMCS SMS Notify 1.4.1 STABLE is out with lot of bug fixes. The changes from last beta version are:
  • Added Phones for-each selected Department! Now big companies can have multi notifications
  • Fixed Clickatell gateway
  • Fixed Copy Clients Wizard
  • Fixed Upcoming Thump UP icon
  • Fixed CronJob task license error
  • Fixed Settings check-boxes when are nothing selected
  • Added Mass SMS option to sent to specific clients with ajax search
  • Fixed Auto-Upgrade issue
  • Minor Fixes

Version: 1.4.2 - Last Updated: 28/01/2011

  • CSS fix fro 4.4.x
  • SQL Queries for stats improved
  • Minor Fixes

Version: - Last Updated: 15/02/2011

  • Fixed bug with some SMS action (Ticket Open etc)

Version: - Last Updated: 02/03/2011

  • Minnor Fixes
  • Added Gateway Vsms.net / Bulk-SMS.com (US & Wordwide)
  • Added Gateway TQPhosting.com (India)
  • Added Gateway AlphaElite.com.sg (Singapore)

Version: 1.4.3 - Last Updated: 12/03/2011

  • Unicode option added on settings
  • clickatell Unicode option added
  • vmsms (bulk-sms.com) routing_group option added

Version: - Last Updated: 09/05/2011

  • Added gateway iwissms (India)
  • Error check added to gateway mobily.ws (Arabic)
  • API feature added, on send function can return more than 1 SMS_IDS

Version: - Last Updated: 08/09/2011

  • Copy From Default Phone :: Fix number not worked. Now checks for right country code

Version: 1.4.6 - Last Updated: 11/02/2012

  • Bug Fixes
  • Domain var added to hosting package SMS
  • Clickatell special chars added

Version: 2.0 - Last Updated: 14/07/2012

  • + Recoded & Optimized
  • + Multiple SMS gateways with area code criteria
  • + Multiple SMS patterns translation
  • + SMS (DLR) status with Callback support
  • + API extended
  • + SMS Phone Validation will be added.

Version: 2.3 - Last Updated: 31/07/2012

  • -Bug Fixes
  • -Gateways Updated (HQsms,Gretor,WebSupporters)
  • -Callback added for HQsms,Gretor,Clickatell
  • -Low Balance E-mail fixed

Version: 3.1 - Last Updated: 01/04/2013

  • WHMCS 5.2.X full support
  • Over 30 gateways integrated from all over the word
  • Bug Fixed
  • Legacy to Native (addon moudle)

Version: 3.2 - Last Updated: 07/04/2013

  • Callback API fixed
  • New gateways added

Version: 3.3 - Last Updated: 01/08/2013

  • Bug fixes

Version: 3.4 - Last Updated: 20/08/2013

  • Bug fixes
  • New gateways
  • Old gateways updated

Version: 3.5 - Last Updated: 28/08/2013

  • AutoUpdate Check and raise notification
  • New layout at Configurable Clients SMS Options Addon - Iphone Button on/off
  • Javascript code updated to Jquery native
  • New gateways
  • Module Logs integrated to Gateways Call logger() FUNCTION (dev)
  • Debug Mode On/Off
  • Activiy log updated
  • New Actions(3): 1st/2nd/3rd Overdue Invoice SMS
  • New Templates (3)
  • MASS SMS Inteligent Phone Search with AJAX!
  • Bug Fixes & Code Improvements

Version: 3.6 - Last Updated: 04/09/2013

  • Invoice Actions issue fixed
  • Long SMS issue fixed
  • PhoneValidation SUPPORT Addon is Available
  • New Turkey gateway added
  • Language & Template File updated

Version: 3.7 - Last Updated: 29/10/2013

  • 5.2 better compatibility (dbconnect.php file removed)
  • Gateways Updated
  • Bugs on same actions
  • SMS was send with zero amount services/domains (Bug Fixed)

Version: 3.8 - Last Updated: 13/11/2013

  • Javascript Fixes like Force SMS
  • Clickatell Update
  • New Gateways Added like Nexmo and SMSBOX.gr
  • PHP Server Configuration Check (on Gateways page)
  • Code fixes & Improvements

Version: 3.9 - Last Updated: 07/12/2013

  • MythoFun / RouteSMS gateway fixed
  • First & Last name tags added to more gateways
  • Ticket Statuses param(deprecated)
  • Improvements

Version: 4.0 - Last Updated: 16/02/2014

  • New Gateways added
  • Gateways Updated
  • Code improments
  • SMS action Logs page added
  • Admin Login/Logout action added (secure admin)
  • Automatic SMS Disable when admin is onlined FIXED
  • PHP Display Errors option added.
  • Upgrade Procedure fixed

Version: 4.30 - Last Updated: 09/08/2015

  • WHMCS V6 support
  • 4 Gatetways updated
  • 2 gateways added
  • SMS Language Bug fixed
  • New Tags on Domain/Hosting Template
  • SMS Notification Menu settings

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