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This module will allow you to bulk import your product keys into the system, into sepperate groups. Once in the 'pool' of keys to be issued, they can be issued instantly to customers on order.
Last Updated: 21st December 2010
1957 Votes Commercial
The J!WHMCS Integrator integrates your Joomla framework with your WHMCS billing software and allows you to make changes to your Joomla! menus, modules, and content and instantly have those changes reflected on your WHMCS billing site, all without using iframes!
Last Updated: 9th September 2015
1754 Votes Commercial
Send sms text message automaticly using this addon for whmcs, send a message to a client when they register, invoice due, a reply has been made to their support ticket or more! (Now supports Clicaktell and SMS Global)
Last Updated: 30th January 2016
1715 Votes Commercial
Professional SMS notifications with many options (like admin Login/Logout) & completly customizable sms text. Can notify you & and your clients. Customer can activate/deactivate recieving sms notifications.
Last Updated: 9th August 2015
1596 Votes Commercial
Intergrate your WHMCS with social plugins such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and gain new customers.
Last Updated: 29th September 2015
1577 Votes Commercial
Allows you to ban the most commonly used free email providers from being used at signup
Last Updated: 29th July 2007
1532 Votes Free
Keep track easily of expenses within your WHMCS
Last Updated: 8th February 2015
1450 Votes Commercial
WHMCS payment gateway module for New CCAvenue Multiple Currency Processing Payment Gateway (MARS) platform.
Last Updated: 9th July 2015
1337 Votes Free
Are you a OVH dedicated servers reseller ? Offer your customers a manager for their servers, reboot, reinstall, management reverses......
Last Updated: 20th March 2013
1248 Votes Commercial
Allow payments with WebMoney Transfer (WMZ, WME, WMR)
Last Updated: 5th November 2015
1130 Votes Commercial
Turn your WHMCS into a CMS - With Multi Language!
Last Updated: 21st October 2013
1121 Votes Commercial
Searching for a Resellerclub & LogicBoxes Single domain hosting provsioning module which offers complete provisioning and Management support for Resellerclub & LogicBoxes Linux, Windows (legacy and Geolocation), Only Email and DIY Sitebuilder Hosting Plans?
Last Updated: 12th February 2016
1107 Votes Commercial
With our ResellerClub Multi Domain Hosting Module you can sell all actually available and future added Multi Domain Linux and Windows hosting plans, valid for all Geolocations with one easy to use provisioning module!
Last Updated: 12th February 2016
1080 Votes Commercial
Manage ResellerClub's free DNS service with your WHMCS Control Panel!
Last Updated: 26th February 2016
1055 Votes Commercial
This module provides support for the Stripe payment gateway for use with WHMCS and uses the Stripe.JS library.
Last Updated: 27th May 2015
1053 Votes Free
ResellerClub's Domain FREE Email, Personal Email, Enterprise Email and Enterprise LITE fully manageable in WHMCS client area!
Last Updated: 26th February 2016
1046 Votes Commercial
Note: ResellerClub Comodo SSL Certificate Module bundled for FREE with this Module! As a Reseller and WHMCS User you know that there is no complete solution for managing ResellerClub & LogicBoxes Thawte SSL Certificates with your WHMCS system.
Last Updated: 27th April 2015
1043 Votes Commercial
The new Management Mod, ResellerClub Extended Management Domain Interface offers what always was missing in WHMCS for ResellerClub & LogicBoxes Resellers!
Last Updated: 26th February 2016
1006 Votes Commercial
Allows clients to log in using their other accounts from around the web. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
Last Updated: 20th July 2015
1006 Votes Commercial
The Barclaycard CPI/MPI Payment Gateway Module. The CPI is the hosted payment page provided by Barclaycard, where customers will be providing their credit card details.
Last Updated: 25th March 2014
987 Votes Commercial

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

Disclaimer: The addons available here are provided by third party developers. WHMCS has not vetted the code in any of the addons listed here, and cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the use of them. We are also unable to provide support for any issues with third party code.

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