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Allow selling of apps on a ServerPilot server, directly from your WHMCS. The module will create and terminate apps, add/remove domains, add/remove databases, add/remove SSL certificates.
Last Updated: 6th January 2016
42 Votes Commercial
As Paypal Subscriptions, MercadoPago act in Latam as automatic debit by CC
Last Updated: 18th December 2015
55 Votes Commercial
This module allows you to create unlimited pages for WHMCS withe Multi-Lingual Translations.
Last Updated: 15th November 2015
348 Votes Commercial

Recently Added

The "Clouder" WHMCS template is the most powerful template we have ever built.
Last Updated: 9th March 2016
136 Votes Commercial
SimplePay is an Online Payment Gateway for the Nigerian market.
Last Updated: 7th March 2016
15 Votes Free
Symantec WHMCS module will allow you to offer SSL certificates to your clients. Client will order a certificate directly in the client area.
Last Updated: 7th March 2016
7 Votes Commercial
Our latest addon lets you connect WHMCS with Slack. We have made the addon easy to use, you can connect events such as when a ticket is opened or a new invoice is created and post this to one or more channels on Slack, giving you instant updates and better oversight of your business.
Last Updated: 6th March 2016
10 Votes Commercial
bKash is very popular payment method in Bangladesh. Automate your bKash payment using our WHMCS bKash Payment Gateway Module. Setup the whmcs bKash payment gateway module is simple and easy.
Last Updated: 5th March 2016
20 Votes Commercial
With this mod we can control any IP or Domain we want.
Last Updated: 5th March 2016
10 Votes Commercial

Recently Updated

Completely automate your billing and QuickBooks Online bookkeeping! Featuring SmartSync for clients & invoices. Includes automatic and manual sync - you choose!
Last Updated: 15th July 2016
49 Votes Commercial
A beautiful responsive WHMCS portal template based on latest Bootstrap framework. Easy to manage and capability of integrate with any third-party themes optionally.
Last Updated: 10th March 2016
48 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS will allow your clients to perform multiple lookup and checkout for domain names in the entirely new domain order form.
Last Updated: 9th March 2016
48 Votes Commercial
Fully compliant with LogicBoxes Domain Register and Transfer standards! 100% IDN Support and valid for all gTLD's, ccTLD's and NEW gTLD's.
Last Updated: 9th March 2016
84 Votes Commercial
Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus will work automatically with any WHMCS pages by simply adding ?aff=[affiliateid] to the end of the url of any WHMCS page. It will also allow users to add ?aff=[affiliateid] to any external url with an approved domain.
Last Updated: 6th March 2016
30 Votes Commercial
With this mod we can control any IP or Domain we want.
Last Updated: 5th March 2016
10 Votes Commercial

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

Disclaimer: The addons available here are provided by third party developers. WHMCS has not vetted the code in any of the addons listed here, and cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the use of them. We are also unable to provide support for any issues with third party code.

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