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Ever had a client cancel a product only to discover that they had put in the cancellation request after you had already invoiced them for the upcoming renewal? Well my action hook will automatically cancel the invoice once the product has had its status changed to cancelled
Last Updated: 14th September 2009
600 Votes Free
A complete free trials mod that handles multiple email warnings as well as suspension before termination in order to give the customer more time to realize their free trial was over before we deleted their files from the server.
Last Updated: 4th October 2010
487 Votes Free
Automatically cancel all unpaid invoices (if possible) for a hosting account that is being terminated.
Last Updated: 12th September 2015
400 Votes Commercial
This action hook allows you to control number of ordering free trial products.
Last Updated: 17th January 2011
398 Votes Free
Automatically handle cancellation of free domains (0.00) when a hosting service is canceled/terminated
Last Updated: 27th December 2013
365 Votes Commercial
This action hook allows you to bundle products, so they can activate, suspend, and terminate together as one. With a single click, users are able to add a bundled product and have both products setup automatically.
Last Updated: 2nd September 2013
336 Votes Commercial
Included primary world currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, AUD etc) and currencies of CIS (UAH, RUR, BYR)
Last Updated: 3rd January 2013
335 Votes Free
Hook for automatic add your customers to Correton Email Marketing
Last Updated: 7th July 2013
296 Votes Free
Close Account and Inactive account
Last Updated: 12th November 2015
272 Votes Free
Using the Softaculous Auto Install module you can configure your product to auto install an application when your users Signup and their hosting account is created.
Last Updated: 17th November 2014
251 Votes Free
This action hook will automatically set the last payment method used by the client as the new default for their product (hosting products OR addons), only if they did not already set their profile to use this gateway for future transactions.
Last Updated: 18th July 2010
238 Votes Free
This module has developed by GK~root team to allow automatic script installation while ordering the hosting package . All you need to do to get started is to download the installation package, install it and start working.
Last Updated: 19th August 2014
229 Votes Free
Automatically detect and set client currency on order pages :)
Last Updated: 11th March 2014
218 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Geolocation Hook for WHMCS allows you to set an automatic switch of currency, language as well as a client area template depending on the location of your clients.
Last Updated: 7th October 2015
181 Votes Free
This action hook will register client to Mybb database upon registration in WHMCS with same login credentials.
Last Updated: 13th April 2013
172 Votes Free
The WHMCS Cancel Order module will check orders that are pending and cancel them on the daily cron job if there are older than your predefined setting.
Last Updated: 2nd August 2013
161 Votes Commercial
Sends and receives more fraud information to maxmind.
Last Updated: 6th July 2012
148 Votes Free
This module is useful to Resell Softaculous licenses from your WHMCS installation. The module makes API calls to Softaculous and issues, cancels, edits, suspends the license from your Softaculous account.
Last Updated: 30th August 2013
124 Votes Free
Now you can display your cart items and prices on top of WHMCS
Last Updated: 15th November 2015
121 Votes Free
Order Assistant helps you to automate order management process. It can automatically accept Pending Orders that already Paid (for selected products); send an email or open a ticket with client if Pending Order has been Unpaid for a few days; and eventually cancel the order if no payment is made still.
Last Updated: 3rd February 2016
116 Votes Commercial
This hook will display a top menu and stick it to the top of the page when you scroll down
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
110 Votes Free
This hook will Automatically Enable the client as an Affiliate, set Status to Closed and Create a Log Activity and To-Do entry so you can Review the Affiliate before Activation.
Last Updated: 2nd September 2015
104 Votes Commercial
This add-on allows you to pass new client email address information to your subscriber mail list hosted on Oempro
Last Updated: 10th December 2013
101 Votes Free
Prevent customers with invoices that are overdue or in collections from ordering new services until paid.
Last Updated: 4th March 2013
97 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS Hook will auto accept orders.
Last Updated: 29th April 2014
93 Votes Commercial
Licensing addon to add a cron hook to automatically suspend overdue support & updates addons. Useful if you do not have global whmcs automatic suspension enabled.
Last Updated: 11th July 2013
90 Votes Free
This addon integrate pushover and whmcs, sending messages of actions in WHMCS to your pushover application.
Last Updated: 8th January 2014
90 Votes Free
This addon will Automatically Activate clients as Affiliates on Order and/or Registration.
Last Updated: 29th August 2015
88 Votes Commercial
Enables users to Quickly Find and select from a pre-populated list of your WHMCS Knowledgebase Articles as they type, leveraging searching and filtering.
Last Updated: 24th July 2015
88 Votes Commercial
Sell LiteSpeed more easily by connecting WHMCS to LiteSpeed's licensing server. Reflect customers’ actions automatically in your LiteSpeed account. Easily organize and control your LiteSpeed licenses from WHMCS.
Last Updated: 27th May 2015
83 Votes Free
Send WHMCS notifications to Android and iPhone clients with the free Pushover API.
Last Updated: 23rd December 2013
81 Votes Free
This hook sends a customizable Email template to Clients on Service Unsuspension.
Last Updated: 2nd November 2014
80 Votes Commercial
Allow clients to create promo codes tied to their affiliate account, redirect landing page for affiliate link.
Last Updated: 26th March 2014
79 Votes Free
Highly customizable and lightweight chat software!
Last Updated: 15th May 2015
78 Votes Free
Automatically finds tickets not associated with a client and links if possible
Last Updated: 1st March 2014
74 Votes Commercial
GSM, Cellphone Short Messages (SmS) Module that sends SMS messages according to 28 Action Hooks of WHMCS. It works with your ClickAtell SMS Gateway and Gateway account.
Last Updated: 15th December 2014
74 Votes Free
IWHMCS is Joomla-WHMCS integrator
Last Updated: 28th June 2014
71 Votes Free
Emails affected clients with details of any Network Issues you post in your WHMCS admin
Last Updated: 25th January 2014
68 Votes Commercial
Automatically add and remove clients from your Campaign Monitor subscribers list via the email marketing opt in/out option from both the admin and client side.
Last Updated: 21st July 2015
67 Votes Commercial
The Pushover Addon for WHMCS allows your WHMCS installation to send push notifications to clients who use the Pushover application on their mobile devices! Notify your clients instantly with Pushover’s push notifications!
Last Updated: 18th April 2014
66 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS hook will help you smartly utilize the use of dedicated IPs assigned to your servers.
Last Updated: 24th April 2014
66 Votes Commercial
Allows your email templates to create AutoAuth keys allowing invoices to be viewed by clients with out having to log in manually.
Last Updated: 7th May 2014
66 Votes Free
Admin Alert Login allow all administrators receive one email when anyone login into whmcs admincp...
Last Updated: 1st March 2014
64 Votes Commercial
This addon changes the invoice date to be the same date as the due date for automatically generated invoices by cron and invoices initiated from the admin area for individual clients created by selecting "Generate Due Invoices".
Last Updated: 14th April 2014
64 Votes Commercial
This module for WHMCS will automatically cancels old invoices and orders.
Last Updated: 23rd July 2014
62 Votes Commercial
This hook will send email notification whenever a ticket note is added.
Last Updated: 1st May 2014
61 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS hook will open a support ticket whenever a note is added to the order.
Last Updated: 28th April 2014
60 Votes Commercial
Checks for domains that are set to Expired and the Expiry Date is 30 days in the past, and cancels or amends any linked Unpaid invoices.
Last Updated: 13th June 2014
60 Votes Commercial
This hook simply clears the associated flagged admin when the ticket is closed.
Last Updated: 30th April 2014
58 Votes Commercial
The Product Fraud Override addon for WHMCS allows you to specify products & services that are excluded from WHMCS’s fraud screening process.
Last Updated: 22nd August 2014
53 Votes Commercial
This hook will notify you when a user has a free domain, without a valid product assigned to it.
Last Updated: 26th August 2014
50 Votes Commercial
Using the Webuzo Script Install Module you can configure your product to auto install an application, issue a license and configure your webuzo when your users Signup and their hosting account is created.
Last Updated: 28th October 2014
50 Votes Free
Automatically update the Contact Info (e-mail) on a client's cPanel accounts when they've changed it on their account.
Last Updated: 12th October 2014
47 Votes Commercial
Do you have to make manual adjustments to the service/invoice dates whenever a user doesn’t pay his invoice right away? This addon module will enable you to skip all that, because the Fix due date addon module automatically detects those situations and fixes the dates, not only for the service/domain but for the invoices also! Automatically: Synchronize payment date with the service activation/next due date Fix the next due date for suspended service on payment Correct the dates on your invoices if payment was late
Last Updated: 2nd December 2015
45 Votes Commercial
Affiliate Manager Addon for WHMCS 5.x. Set up your own affiliate marketing program that is completely integrated with WHMCS.
Last Updated: 11th December 2014
43 Votes Free
Custom WHMCS hook for transaction email notifications.
Last Updated: 21st July 2015
42 Votes Commercial
Offer Softaculous as an addon with your VPS/Dedicated servers and automate Softaculous licensing with this hook
Last Updated: 21st January 2015
42 Votes Free
Receive email notification after Invoice Paid
Last Updated: 17th July 2015
40 Votes Free
Auto adds new customers to a specific Subscriber list on product order
Last Updated: 21st January 2015
36 Votes Commercial
Bkash Payment Gateway for Bangladesh. This module allow you to add an extra payment mathod for Bkash in your whmcs.
Last Updated: 29th January 2016
34 Votes Free
Allows you to add live chat software on all cient area pages.
Last Updated: 25th January 2016
32 Votes Free
Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus will work automatically with any WHMCS pages by simply adding ?aff=[affiliateid] to the end of the url of any WHMCS page. It will also allow users to add ?aff=[affiliateid] to any external url with an approved domain.
Last Updated: 6th March 2016
31 Votes Commercial
This addon will update additional currency rates when such as Bitcoin (BTC) when the daily cron runs.
Last Updated: 4th April 2015
31 Votes Commercial
This plug-in will cancel any invoices associated with expired domains that are overdue by X days
Last Updated: 21st October 2015
30 Votes Commercial
Add notifications to your WHMCS powered website.
Last Updated: 14th April 2015
30 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Addon können Sie Hacker davon abhalten, per Bruteforce Kundenkonten zu hacken.
Last Updated: 21st May 2015
30 Votes Commercial
Receive an email every time a invoice is paid.
Last Updated: 8th June 2015
29 Votes Commercial
Das Addon erlaubt es, Produkte auf bestimmte Kundengruppen einzuschränken.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
29 Votes Commercial
It prevents when registration or update client details, to use blocked words like AES, tbladmin, php, … UPDATEABLE by admin
Last Updated: 22nd February 2016
28 Votes Free
Mit diesem Modul können Sie Kunden nach der Bestellung eines Produktes oder beim Erreichen eines gewissen Guthabenstandes automatisch in eine Kundengruppe einordnen - und zwar seperat von der Produkt-Einrichtung.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Módulo de pago para WHMCS de Payu Latam Latinoamerica. Recibe pagos con esta plataforma de forma rápida y fácil
Last Updated: 14th December 2015
27 Votes Free
A Great addition to your arsenal of fraud prevention tools that ties directly into fraudrecord's api and whmcs's fraud system. also stops vpn/proxies as well
Last Updated: 22nd February 2016
27 Votes Commercial
Kopage Website Builder available for your clients in their client area: easy start a website building and manage websites with WHMCS username & password. Photo gallery, blog, forms, newsletter, shopping cart and more modules your clients will love to use when building their websites
Last Updated: 21st February 2016
23 Votes Free
This is a payment gateway designed for WHMCS to accept Cryptocurrency payments in INFX using our payment processor api.
Last Updated: 6th November 2015
21 Votes Free
This will help prevent your customers domain's from being suspended because of an incorrect domain contact email address or if they didn't notice the verification email.
Last Updated: 10th August 2015
20 Votes Commercial
Automatically adds new customers to your IEM list
Last Updated: 28th August 2015
20 Votes Commercial
Extend the functionalities of your Project Management module. With this module installed you can send and receive email notifications every time projects and tasks are created or updated, when messages are posted, when you start and stop the timer for both administrators and clients.
Last Updated: 2nd December 2015
19 Votes Commercial
Payment gateway for Hosted Checkout from Chase Paymentech
Last Updated: 11th November 2015
19 Votes Commercial
Mighty ResellerClub Single Domain Hosting Provisioning Module handles all ResellerClub’s Single Domain hosting features.
Last Updated: 14th October 2015
18 Votes Commercial
Allows you to use Razorpay payment gateway with the WHMCS Store.
Last Updated: 19th October 2015
18 Votes Free
This WHMCS addon sends you an email when an admin successfully logs in. A great tool to notify of unauthorized intrusions or monitor admin access.
Last Updated: 15th December 2015
18 Votes Free
Support all versions 5.3, to 6.2.2V
Last Updated: 29th February 2016
18 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Liquid Web Storm Servers SBS For WHMCS will let your customers order separate block storage volumes and attach them to their Liquid Web/Storm On Demand servers on the same zone.
Last Updated: 13th October 2015
17 Votes Free
Allows Payments with PayTechnique using Credit card on Merchant website
Last Updated: 14th November 2015
16 Votes Commercial
The support revolution is here! Get in touch with your clients by the most popular messaging app. Support-Ticket integration, Server-Status and much more...
Last Updated: 18th February 2016
15 Votes Commercial
WHMCS and PortaOne voice switch integration
Last Updated: 6th January 2016
14 Votes Commercial
Linode manager is whmcs provisioning module you can resell the white label linode services and easily assign your existing server to users.
Last Updated: 23rd February 2016
14 Votes Commercial
Module for Integration with MSPControl Control Panel
Last Updated: 21st February 2016
13 Votes Free
Give your customer option to make the payment through Payzone.
Last Updated: 24th January 2016
13 Votes Commercial
A simple hook file that allows our customers to view and pay invoices without logging in.
Last Updated: 17th February 2016
13 Votes Commercial
Our latest addon lets you connect WHMCS with Slack. We have made the addon easy to use, you can connect events such as when a ticket is opened or a new invoice is created and post this to one or more channels on Slack, giving you instant updates and better oversight of your business.
Last Updated: 6th March 2016
11 Votes Commercial
Allow Payments with merchant account ,low fees, multi payment option with maximum ecurrency system.
Last Updated: 23rd February 2016
11 Votes Free
This addon allows you to enter an invoice id and send that invoice to the customer via normal postal mail.
Last Updated: 15th February 2016
10 Votes Commercial
With this mod we can control any IP or Domain we want.
Last Updated: 5th March 2016
10 Votes Commercial
Borgun Icelandic Payment Gateway (SecurePay)
Last Updated: 28th February 2016
9 Votes Commercial
IEDR Registrar Module is a domain registrar module that will let you introduce automation of .ie domains provisioning and management into your WHMCS system.
Last Updated: 24th February 2016
7 Votes Commercial
Custom cron php framework for WHMCS
Last Updated: 4th March 2016
5 Votes Free

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

Disclaimer: The addons available here are provided by third party developers. WHMCS has not vetted the code in any of the addons listed here, and cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the use of them. We are also unable to provide support for any issues with third party code.

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