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Category: Admin Area Addon - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 26/07/2015 - Supported Versions: V5 All Versions

This module is a knowledgebase for your staff members built into WHMCS. With this module you can provide articles for your staff with information on certain aspects of your business, plus many more features!


Staff Only Knowledgebase
Customizable permissions
Wiki Category Shortcuts in header menu
Search Articles
Plus lots more...

Includes 12 months Free Support/Updates


This module is encoded with ioncube and is licensed at £15 one off fee for life! Including 12 months free support/updates. Support/updates can be renewed or can be stopped. (Please open a support ticket to stop support/updates)

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Installing WHMCS Staff Knowledgebase in 4 Easy Steps:

1) Upload all files to your WHMCS root.
2) Visit the add-on module in WHMCS Admin area > Settings > Add-on Modules > Activate Staff Knowledgebase and setup permissions for your user group
2) Visit the add-on module in WHMCS Admin area > Utilities > Add-on Modules > Staff Knowledgebase
3) Enter your license key and click install
4) Your Staff Knowledgebase has now been successfully installed!

Any more questions please reply below or email

Forum Discussion Thread:

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Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 05/11/2011

  • Staff Only Knowledgebase
  • Customizable permissions
  • Wiki Category Shortcuts in header menu
  • Search Articles

Version: 3.1 - Last Updated: 26/07/2013

  • Enhancements
  • Action Logs can be disabled
  • Bullet points are now displayed within the module (not dependant on admin theme)
  • Removes old settings table that is no longer used
  • Bug fix
  • Fixed articles displaying more than once if assigned to multiple categories
  • Multi Language displaying default language in list
  • All articles displaying on homepage (Should show none on the homepage)
  • Disable editor button not working

Version: 3.3 - Last Updated: 26/07/2015

  • Enhancements
  • Improved styling for WHMCS V6
  • Bug fixes
  • Primary database table not being created
  • View article decoding not using the WHMCS charset
  • Invalid redirect message for settings
  • Unable to view articles in hidden category
  • Not counting sub categories in the count next to a category
  • List of available translation languages was for client lang not admin
  • White page when using WHMCS V6
  • Increased license key field size to ensure all the key can be viewed

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

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