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Category: Other - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 26/02/2016 - Supported Versions: 5.2.17 - 6.2.x

Our Resellerclub Advanced Management DNS Interface for WHMCS takes 100% care about all the features available for Resellerclub's dns and domain forwarding service and with a clean integration within your WHMCS system, based on the well known smarty template engine used by WHMCS system.

Look for yourself, how you can gain and present your customers with a more professional and fully featured looking DNS and Domain forwarding management interface.

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Version: 1.0.0 - Last Updated: 15/09/2011

  • FREE 7-Day Trial available
  • Easy Install and Setup in minutes
  • Integration in "My Domains" and "My Products & Services " to offer dns managment for domains and webservices
  • Manage Create Modify and Delete A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT and SRV Records
  • SOA Record editable
  • Pagination and sorting of all record types fully integrated
  • Seamless integration into your Client Area domain details and product details page.
  • Template and Style based on WHMCS "portal" design.
  • Language files available for English and Spanish. You can add your own languages by simply translating the main English file
  • All error messages correctly interpreted and editable through the language file.
  • User friendly and easy understandable DNS managment interface.

Version: 1.1.0 - Last Updated: 05/10/2011

  • New! Customer friendly domain forwarding management interface integrated

Version: 1.3.0 - Last Updated: 23/11/2011

  • Shows if domain is configured with the correct DNS setup required for the domain forwarding service and offers easy solutions
  • Offers now a Button to change automatically to the required DNS servers for the domain forwarding service

Version: 2.0.0 - Last Updated: 07/12/2011

  • Added information if domain is configured with required dns setup
  • Added information for external A Record DNS setup
  • Added function to change automatically to the required dns servers
  • breadcrumb nav now fully functional (portal and classic)
  • New release, ready for WHMCS v5 default design

Version: 3.1.1 - Last Updated: 27/04/2012

  • Use of Centralized Management Core Console Addon
  • resellerclubmods_config.php file deprecated
  • License localkey stored in DB to improve performance
  • Support added for client area SSL
  • Multi LogicBoxes Registrars Support added
  • Activate / Deactivate DNS Name Server Check and Change Function added

Version: 3.1.3 - Last Updated: 13/07/2012

  • Added a second security layer (avoiding management access if email has changed)
  • Support added for LogicBox Registrar Resellercamp

Version: 3.2.1 - Last Updated: 28/12/2012

  • 1-click Google Apps DNS Creation Buttons added for A, MX and CNAME Records
  • Bugfix for sort by record values
  • Bugfix for search record options
  • Template changes: dnsmanagement.tpl
  • Improved upon the complete code and optimized the interface

Version: 3.3.1 - Last Updated: 05/02/2013

  • 1-click Google Apps DNS Creation Buttons added for SRV and TXT(spf) Records
  • Google Apps CNAME record added for calendar
  • Template changes: dnsmanagement.tpl
  • Domainforwarding interface: Hosting Service Check improved to avoid domain forwarding activation

Version: 3.4.1 - Last Updated: 19/02/2013

  • Google Apps CNAME record added for docs and sites

Version: 3.6.1 - Last Updated: 18/03/2013

  • Ready for WHMCS v5.2

Version: 3.6.2 - Last Updated: 15/04/2013

  • API response format changed from simplexml to JSON to improve performance and speed
  • Multi delete option for all record types implemented
  • Template changes - dnsmanagement.tpl: Some minor bugfixes and support added for the new Multi delete Option.

Version: 3.7.0 - Last Updated: 19/07/2013

  • New option to disable the Check/Change Branded Nameserver function if the domain uses a non LogicBoxes Hosting
  • Built-In Debug Mode deprecated and changed to the WHMCS Debug function using the Module log
  • Support added for the new LogicBoxes Compatible Domain Registrar Module
  • IDN Support Implemented

Version: 3.7.1 - Last Updated: 06/09/2013

  • Bugfix: DNS TXT records could not be eliminated

Version: 3.8.0 - Last Updated: 27/11/2013

  • Client Area Language setup deprecated. Language translations now served from Resellerclub Mods Console Addon v1.1.4 with auto fallback to english if other language files are missing.
  • Support for any other LogicBoxes Registrar Module in WHMCS (Resellerid, etc.)
  • DNSSEC implementation delayed due to incomplete LogicBoxes API functions.

Version: 3.8.1 - Last Updated: 27/01/2014

  • Implemented: All DNS Record Overview
  • Delayed: DNSSEC implementation still not possible due to missing search API function
  • New client area translations

Version: 3.9.1 - Last Updated: 27/04/2015

  • End of life for php 5.2. Required php 5.3 or 5.4 with Ioncube Loaders v4.4.1 or greater
  • Code Maintenance and Improvements
  • Updated: Google Apps Records setup
  • Bugfix: Modify DNS records with TTL value less than 7200 did not show any error message
  • Postponed: DNSSEC implementation will be available in v4 release
  • Implemented: Templates for Bootstrap 3 compatible themes and Responsioplus3 theme
  • Template changes

Version: 3.10.0 - Last Updated: 13/07/2015

  • Added: Compatibility for WHMCS v6. Valid for WHMCS 5.2.17 - 6.0.x
  • Updated: Google Apps CNAME Records setup
  • Bugfix: javascript checkbox toggle issue
  • Implemented: Templates for five and six themes
  • Template changes

Version: 3.11.0 - Last Updated: 26/02/2016

  • Fix against WHMCS resellerclub module bug #CORE-9485 affecting WHMCS v6.2.x releases only
  • Code improvements and minor bugfixes
  • Fully tested for whmcs v6.2.x
  • EOL 31 July 2016

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