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Category: Action Hook - Type: Free
Last Updated: 27/05/2015 - Supported Versions: 5.2 or later

LiteSpeed Reseller Addon Module

This addon allows you sell LiteSpeed Web Server much more easily. With the addon, you can connect your installation of WHMCS’s billing system to LiteSpeed Technologies’ licensing server. This allows customers’ actions to be automatically reflected in your LiteSpeed account and allows you and your staff to easily organize and control your LiteSpeed licenses from WHMCS.

Customers can:

  • Purchase licenses

  • Upgrade or downgrade licenses

  • Cancel licenses

You can:

  • Sell licenses as an addon to other services or as standalone products

  • View all your LiteSpeed licenses in one place

  • Suspend, release, and cancel licenses

  • Search licenses by a number of criteria

  • View and search addon module activity

Setup Instructions

Installation and Configuration

  1. Download the files from the link below and add them to the corresponding directories.
    Activate the addon in WHMCS (WHMCS > Setup > Addon Modules) and make sure all configuration values are filled in.

  2. Add configurable options (WHMCS > Setup > Configurable Options) to products for which you want to have LiteSpeed addon option available. (Option values must match those set in the Addon's Configure button.)

  3. Go to product setups (WHMCS > Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services). Make sure “Module Settings” uses a module you have listed in the addon's configurations. Add a custom field to store the LiteSpeed serial. Allow configurable option upgrading in the “Upgrades” tab.

  4. Check setup using the Verify Setup button in the LiteSpeed Reseller Addon.

Full installation, configuration, and usage instructions are included in the documentation in the addon download.

Forum Discussion Thread:

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Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 23/01/2014

  • Sell licenses as an addon to other services or as standalone products.
  • Customer purchases, upgrades/downgrades, and cancellations automatically reflected in your LiteSpeed account.
  • View all your LiteSpeed licenses from the WHMCS admin area.
  • Suspend, release, and cancel licenses from the WHMCS admin area.
  • Search licenses by a number of criteria.
  • View and search addon module activity.
  • Verify setup function searches for errors in your configuration.
  • Comes with server module for easy use.

Version: 1.1 - Last Updated: 28/04/2014

  • Support for LiteSpeed Cache sold as an addon.
  • Improved interface.
  • Improved documentation with more use cases and FAQ.

Version: 1.2 - Last Updated: 29/10/2014

  • SSLv3 avoided in HTTPS API calls by default.

Version: 1.3 - Last Updated: 27/05/2015

  • Changed reseller addon to one configurable option for LiteSpeed Web Server and available addon modules (Current available modules are LSCache and LiteMage).
  • Added hook for AdminServiceEdit, which allows the Admin to update LiteSpeed option by saving the changes in admin panel. Previously the Admin had to login as user to perform the same task.
  • Enable debug option has been added and it now allows to log more debug information.

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