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This module will allow you to bulk import your product keys into the system, into sepperate groups. Once in the 'pool' of keys to be issued, they can be issued instantly to customers on order.
Last Updated: 21st December 2010
1956 Votes Commercial
Send sms text message automaticly using this addon for whmcs, send a message to a client when they register, invoice due, a reply has been made to their support ticket or more! (Now supports Clicaktell and SMS Global)
Last Updated: 30th January 2016
1711 Votes Commercial
Intergrate your WHMCS with social plugins such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and gain new customers.
Last Updated: 29th September 2015
1577 Votes Commercial
Keep track easily of expenses within your WHMCS
Last Updated: 8th February 2015
1449 Votes Commercial
Enhanced Support System brings you an alternative support experience with clear department layout and ticket counts for each ticket status in every department.
Last Updated: 5th October 2013
971 Votes Free
Internal Knowledgebase for your staff
Last Updated: 26th July 2015
829 Votes Commercial
Exporting data from you WHMCS instance to your Quickbook (QBO ) account automatically. It's having feature to export data manually according to timestamp
Last Updated: 19th December 2014
825 Votes Commercial
Translation module language files for the admin panel. In the help it is possible to translate phrases using a translate service Bing.
Last Updated: 14th May 2013
701 Votes Commercial
This module will send an email to a client x days from the date they signed up. You could use this email to gather feedback from the client about the order process or product, could also be used to offer clients upgrades promotions to entice them to add features to their existing product etc.
Last Updated: 26th August 2009
631 Votes Free
Made this module up as i was searching through logs and wanted to know if any of the ips were actually clients. So this addon allows you to search your whmcs installation for ip's of clients.
Last Updated: 26th August 2009
597 Votes Free
This addon adds a newsletter function to whmcs allowing clients to elect to receive or not receive a newsletter.
Last Updated: 26th August 2009
596 Votes Free
I soon lost track of which clients I had allowed to have the suspend override enabled on there account and I made this an easy way to check those which have it enabled.
Last Updated: 26th August 2009
569 Votes Free
Add Dynamic Ticket Searches to your WHMCS Administration template.
Last Updated: 6th November 2009
562 Votes Commercial
Adds Financial Graphs to your Admin Area.
Last Updated: 3rd June 2009
556 Votes Free
Sends Contacts, Invoices & Payments to Xero Online Accounting
Last Updated: 5th February 2016
503 Votes Commercial
Per Product Markup and Currency Handler
Last Updated: 27th April 2014
459 Votes Free
This module is an advanced version of the todo list built into WHMCS. With this module you can upload attachments with tasks, assign custom statuses, categories, and percentage complete, plus many more features!
Last Updated: 10th October 2011
447 Votes Commercial
This will send a branded message from WHMCS to the customer. The message is defined in WHMCS as all the others are. This prevents rude ones from cPanel and other control panels.
Last Updated: 2nd June 2010
442 Votes Commercial
Record time elapsed for services performed per client. Define time Credits and view a report of the total time applied to a client against available time credits. Clients can view a report showing total hours against the credit balance. Perfect for retainer based clients.
Last Updated: 3rd July 2014
432 Votes Commercial
Plesk Sync for WHMCS is an add-on module for WHMCS to import, control, create and synchronize client hosting accounts with your Parallel Plesk servers. Ensure synchronicity between WHMCS and Plesk.
Last Updated: 26th November 2010
427 Votes Free
wbTeamPro is a robust Project Management suite that integrates with the existing Client and Ticket systems. Built specifically for WHMCS, wbTeamPro provides Multi-Level Action tracking, Time Log Activity Tracking, Ticket Time Tracking, File Asset Storage, Discussion Threads, and much more. Learn more at
Last Updated: 1st September 2015
408 Votes Commercial
Track time on Tasks for multiple projects per client and bill clients.
Last Updated: 4th May 2011
396 Votes Commercial
This addon module allows you to provide free trial web hosting accounts which will expire after a set period of time. It sends 2 e-mail reminders prompting the client to proceed with an upgrade and 1 final notice message informing the client that the account has been terminated. The e-mail messages are based on the templates that you will have to create in your WHMCS. This addon was based on the "WHMCS Gold Free Trial Addon" and it was improved and customized with some extra features.
Last Updated: 29th March 2012
396 Votes Free
This module will set your domain due dates X days before their expiry dates. This allows for time for payment to clear from banks etc. Its other use is to synchronise the due dates of hosting accounts with the domain, so the customer receives one invoice rather than two.
Last Updated: 13th January 2011
370 Votes Commercial
Using Twitter is an eseential part of your online presence these days, but using it can often be an inconvenience. Sometimes you can go for months, completely forgetting to 'Tweet'. jaxTweet solves this problem!
Last Updated: 9th June 2011
350 Votes Commercial
This will allow you to have custom iPhone PUSH notifications from WHMCS including new orders & new tickets.
Last Updated: 29th January 2011
340 Votes Free
This addon will track complaints through your WHMCS ticketing system. It brings together suspensions and tickets to allow any admin to monitor a complaint. The complaint can be of any type you wish, eg Phishing Abuse, DMCA Violation, Generic Complaint. The list is endless.
Last Updated: 11th January 2011
337 Votes Commercial
From the admin area of WHMCS, you can create 'alerts' which which can be displayed to customers. They can be filtered down to either a blanket of ALL clients, or per product & product group. No template modifications are required.
Last Updated: 20th January 2011
334 Votes Commercial
Allows you to integrate BlockScript into WHMCS.
Last Updated: 3rd August 2012
334 Votes Commercial
This is an addon Module that allows you to email and schedule reports by email in PDF format
Last Updated: 25th February 2011
314 Votes Free
Shows your eNom Reseller Balance directly on the Admin Homepage - v5.0 Addon
Last Updated: 10th January 2012
313 Votes Commercial
Import Domains, Pricing, Track Transfers, and account balance. Client transfer tracking status, Name Spinner and SRV record editing! Admin Widgets for transfers, and reseller balance, as well as client area transfer statuses.
Last Updated: 29th January 2016
282 Votes Commercial
Use this module to easily move created invoice from one client account to another.
Last Updated: 29th June 2011
278 Votes Commercial
The Backup & Restore addon for WHMCS allows you to backup, restore and transfer cPanel hosting accounts from within the comfort of your WHMCS administration panel.
Last Updated: 3rd January 2013
270 Votes Commercial
With this addon module you can schedule tickets to reopen at certain time, send notification to selected admin, change ticket department, ...
Last Updated: 21st August 2013
268 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Backup Addon Module makes creating file backups of your website completly automated.
Last Updated: 23rd April 2014
260 Votes Commercial
This module allows WHMCS users to: - Send a letter direct to any contact direct from within WHMCS - Send invoices automatically via postal mail for any specified client - One off mailing option for invoices already created. - Automate the verification of customer addresses so you “Know your customer (KYC)" - Documents mailed from over 17 worldwide locations via
Last Updated: 8th July 2014
256 Votes Free
This addon allows you to modify templates from the WHMCS admin area. It helps non-designers with being able to edit TPL files very easily.
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
241 Votes Commercial
Today i am happy to release the first FREE addon from This is a free module that allows you to add news from Admin widget to the clients area.
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
228 Votes Free
This addon allows you to automatically issue promotions to your Facebook fans.
Last Updated: 3rd January 2013
215 Votes Free
A must have for companies who need reversed invoices
Last Updated: 14th January 2012
215 Votes Commercial
Auto assign clients to client groups when ordering products.
Last Updated: 31st January 2013
214 Votes Commercial
Automatically change all server module passwords. This module is useful if for some reason you believe your server has been compromised.
Last Updated: 7th February 2015
206 Votes Commercial
Suggest an extended range of servics to your clients with upsell addon that allows you to create note for each client for interested products/services, set upsell followup time...
Last Updated: 24th April 2012
201 Votes Free
This module will help you communicate with all your staff send private message and receive private message from other staff
Last Updated: 7th November 2015
197 Votes Commercial
Tools that extend the functionality of the official WHMCS licensing module.
Last Updated: 5th February 2012
192 Votes Commercial
Easily integrate Woopra® Tracking into your WHMCS pages
Last Updated: 12th January 2012
191 Votes Free
This is a small module called WHMCS Client Notification that allows you to send messages to individual clients.
Last Updated: 20th August 2015
190 Votes Commercial
Check the balance of your OpenSRS account directly from within the WHMCS admin area
Last Updated: 11th February 2016
188 Votes Free
This module will provide the admin about Department wise ticket report on hourly basis.
Last Updated: 26th June 2015
188 Votes Free
Feedback Addon helps you in collecting feedback from clients for assessing ticket replier’s performance. Set the department & ticket status for which you want to assess ticket replier’s performance...
Last Updated: 10th July 2012
184 Votes Free
Send sms text message automatically using this addon for WHMCS, send a message to a client when they register, invoice due, a reply has been made to their support ticket or more!
Last Updated: 19th April 2012
183 Votes Commercial
Woopra® Reports for WHMCS allows WHMCS users to run Woopra® analytics reports directly from the WHMCS admin interface
Last Updated: 12th January 2012
181 Votes Commercial
Easily edit your .htaccess file directly from your admin area
Last Updated: 25th July 2012
181 Votes Commercial
This module will help you communicate with all your online staff chat withe all your online staff from today you don't have to email your staff any more
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
175 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Media Library Addon Module makes managing yours sites content a breeze.
Last Updated: 21st October 2012
174 Votes Commercial
Manage your server's firewall settings directly from WHMCS, Let your clients unblock themselves directly from WHMCS client area !
Last Updated: 24th April 2014
172 Votes Free
Restrict access to certain support departments on your site
Last Updated: 25th July 2012
169 Votes Commercial
With this addon you can browse your WHMCS folders and files you will be able to copy, move, upload, create, rename folder/file as you are using an FTP software.
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
169 Votes Commercial
Cancellation Addon helps you in managing service cancellation request submitted by clients. Though this utility has already been provided by WHMCS but this addon let admins know the reason...
Last Updated: 27th April 2012
167 Votes Free
Issue Tracking Addon helps you to manage your support system by analyzing the ticket resolution process. This addon will help you in tracking tickets status assigned...
Last Updated: 21st May 2013
163 Votes Free
Server Audit Addon helps you in reconciling your hosting accounts with WHMCS & cPanel. Get the status of a particular hosting account...
Last Updated: 21st May 2013
159 Votes Free
The SafeSrv server monitor will monitor VPN based services OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP along with FreeRADIUS and Dante socks5 based protocol.
Last Updated: 16th February 2013
154 Votes Commercial
Host The Best created a small module of Admin Section as a result of my database becoming too large for the admin log it save in. This module helps to easily remove entire logs that have been there for years. Automatically Admin purge the log tables to reduce the size of the database.
Last Updated: 28th March 2015
151 Votes Commercial
This module allows users to replace the default support system within WHMCS with an installation of SmarterTrack.
Last Updated: 28th July 2014
151 Votes Free
This module provides the Admin interface for your flash tutorials.
Last Updated: 14th November 2011
150 Votes Free
WHMCS Out Of Office allows you to configure Auto Replies to tickets submitted, or replied to "out of hours". You can also show warning on the ticket open page.
Last Updated: 26th April 2014
142 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS VCards module is designed to make getting client/admin details much easier. Many times you may need to have a local copy of your customers (or admins) details, and dont want to login to your site just to get them.
Last Updated: 25th July 2012
140 Votes Commercial
Enom Transfer Pro is an add on module for WHMCS that enables admins and support staff to deal with the often frustrating task of domain transfers.
Last Updated: 21st July 2012
138 Votes Commercial
DB Backup Wizard is a tool that allows you to manage your database backup by tables, the most important is the super-fast recovery that allow you to go back to a specific table with single click.
Last Updated: 28th June 2012
138 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS SmarterMail module is an open source module developed in PHP that integrates SmarterMail as an add-on into WHMCS that can be attached to Products/Services to provision SmarterMail domains as well as point MX and CNAME records on WHM/CPANEL to the SmarterMail server.
Last Updated: 28th July 2014
136 Votes Free
Addon supports ClickAtell (Global),Ileti Merkezi (Turkey),NetGsm (Turkey),UcuzSmsAl (Turkey) You can add more sms providers easily.
Last Updated: 27th December 2013
135 Votes Free
Do you always have to go to the support tickets area and hit F5 on your keyboard? How many time you lose just for just going to the browser and wait for the page to refresh? Not anymore!
Last Updated: 29th October 2013
133 Votes Commercial
This module allows you to easily log and restore all changes a client makes in your whmcs, This can be very useful when you need to recover the old address of a customer from a year ago but have lost the email WHMCS sends out by default!
Last Updated: 5th October 2011
131 Votes Commercial
Parking domain addon helps you to automatically park/unpark the domains at your parking server by evaluating the parking feasibility with Registry (Resellerclub).
Last Updated: 19th May 2012
129 Votes Free
This Dropbox app will help you to create a backup of your WHMCS database and store it in your Dropbox account. Therefore, your database will never be lost.
Last Updated: 11th August 2013
125 Votes Free
The Official EMS solution tool designed to you manages employees attendance,Salary,Tasks,Leaves,Inventory,Manage Sales Deals,Performance Tracking etc. The Task Management System is an outstanding feature of our application that manage tasks of all company employment. Office Inventory Management feature is an necessary part of every EMS application that provide complete inventory management system. Employee Management System also provide an excellent feature that declare and generate CTC reports.
Last Updated: 16th May 2014
124 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Free Trials module allows you the peace of mind to know that any products setup as a free trial through the module will automatically be suspended and terminated at the interval days set.
Last Updated: 8th August 2013
124 Votes Commercial
A fully featured addon that enables you to log time entries the easy way! Client-specific hourly rates, full AJAX support and automatic invoice generation make this amazing!
Last Updated: 1st August 2012
123 Votes Commercial
Admin and Client features to automate the management of reselling dedicated servers at Limestone Networks.
Last Updated: 28th May 2012
118 Votes Free
Easily monitor all of your servers from within WHMCS.
Last Updated: 11th November 2013
117 Votes Commercial
Although this utility is currently provided by WHMCS, this addon lets you know the reason for the cancellation by asking client the reason for cancellation.
Last Updated: 11th February 2016
116 Votes Free
This is a cloned admin panel login. All attempts to login will result in wrong username and password!
Last Updated: 21st November 2013
114 Votes Free
Limit purchasing a product to specified times
Last Updated: 6th December 2013
113 Votes Free
WHMCS Ticket Timer allows you to schedule a specific ticket to perform some advanced actions such as: changing ticket status, changing ticket urgency (priority)...
Last Updated: 31st July 2015
111 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS addon module adds two factor authentication to the client and admin area of WHMCS.
Last Updated: 13th March 2013
110 Votes Commercial
Now you can tweets and see your tweets from your WHMCS admin area with our new Admin's Tweets module and widget.
Last Updated: 25th September 2015
109 Votes Commercial
Utilise staff collaboration with this Staff Wiki to store business contact detail, business policies and procedures, troubleshooting techniques and more all in one place.
Last Updated: 30th January 2016
109 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Module für WHMCS ist es dem LiveConfig Partner möglich, die Lizenzen direkt über die SOAP API zu bestellen und zu kündigen.
Last Updated: 25th November 2012
107 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Ticket Filter helps you to effectively classify new tickets. Based on a pre-defined conditions, it will be able to move a new ticket to correct department; change priority of a ticket, change status or assign the ticket to the right admin.
Last Updated: 22nd February 2014
106 Votes Commercial
Post all your WHMCS announcements to your WordPress Site automatically.
Last Updated: 21st October 2012
105 Votes Commercial
Send PUSH notifications to client phones. Receive PUSH notifications on your phone about system status and client accounts.
Last Updated: 17th January 2013
105 Votes Free
Forced Ads for Hosting addon allow you to force all customers of a specific hosting plans to insert your ads in their websites
Last Updated: 10th June 2013
103 Votes Commercial
Module translation of language files and check for all variables.
Last Updated: 20th March 2013
102 Votes Free
Audit your cPanel servers to ensure all cPanel users have proper billing records in WHMCS.
Last Updated: 18th January 2013
98 Votes Commercial
Add fees in the invoice fixed fees and % fees Based on payment gateway
Last Updated: 20th June 2013
97 Votes Commercial
This module will display a note on top of any page you added in the page URL and you can select any color style or a none style
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
96 Votes Free
In Touch provides the ability to style your invoices, quotes and most importantly outbound emails for your customers based upon their WHMCS client group. This means support tickets, invoices, quotes, client notifications, product emails and system messages can all be customized in an all new way!
Last Updated: 28th January 2013
95 Votes Commercial
Admin Module for Power Control
Last Updated: 8th November 2012
95 Votes Commercial
This small module that I create that stop everybody that try to send a ticket with the subject eval.
Last Updated: 27th October 2015
94 Votes Free
Makes WHMCS Israeli IRS compatible.
Last Updated: 11th November 2013
93 Votes Commercial
Asana / WHMCS integration and support system
Last Updated: 6th November 2013
93 Votes Commercial
New Order Ticket is an automatically module from which you can choose for what product group the Ticket will be open.
Last Updated: 13th February 2014
89 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Chargebacks module allows you to choose a client, choose a payment gateway, then proccess a chargeback case. Unfortunatley chargebacks are a fact of life when working on the internet, but dealing with those chargebacks can be made easier by use of the module.
Last Updated: 31st May 2013
89 Votes Commercial
Domains Blacklist addon allow you to create and manage a blacklist of domains name from being created by your clients.
Last Updated: 10th June 2013
87 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Call Logs module is designed to allow you easy access to a log of all your encounters via phone with your customers.
Last Updated: 22nd July 2013
87 Votes Commercial
Allows staff to verify the answer of a customer's security question.
Last Updated: 7th October 2013
83 Votes Free
Resource Mailer will let your clients know when they reach certain thresholds on both their disk space and bandwidth limits (or either). You can decide who will receive the emails, when they receive the emails and with fine grained control, who is left alone. Resource Mailer is extremely configurable.
Last Updated: 6th November 2013
82 Votes Commercial
PUSH alerts for iPhone, Android, HipChat + any other system!
Last Updated: 24th October 2013
80 Votes Commercial
PhoneTrail allows you to keep a trail (log) of all the telephone calls your clients make to your support desk.
Last Updated: 6th November 2013
80 Votes Commercial
This module will add a note box in the manage orders page to give the staff the ability to add note about the order the are working on.
Last Updated: 25th December 2014
79 Votes Free
Administra las transacciones realizadas con Payu latam en tu WHMCS! Disponible para clientes y administradores.
Last Updated: 19th March 2014
77 Votes Free
AutoCalculate prices for Domains and/or Products/Services with each Cron Job run.
Last Updated: 22nd January 2016
75 Votes Commercial
Bulk Domain Nameservers Updater and bulk hosting package change
Last Updated: 29th October 2015
74 Votes Commercial
Maximize your productivity when using WHMCS internal tickets system!
Last Updated: 26th August 2014
71 Votes Free
WHMCS Cleaner is a great automation tool which can cancel orders, cancel invoice, clear template caches, trim activity logs, optimize database tables and much more.
Last Updated: 9th January 2014
70 Votes Commercial
QiQ provides a simple plugin to integrate WHMCS with popular email marketing service MailChimp. There is no need to write a single line of code or deal with complex APIs to add your WHMCS contacts to a Mailchimp list. The hard work has been done for you already.
Last Updated: 1st September 2014
69 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS will allow you to integrate Asterisk server with your WHMCS to easily monitor and originate all the VoIP calls without leaving the admin area.
Last Updated: 21st October 2015
69 Votes Commercial
With this addon module you can easily delete multiple WHMCS clients and also you can choose which clients to delete Active, Inactive or Closed clients.
Last Updated: 13th February 2014
67 Votes Free
Sick of individually loading coupon codes? After entering 100 codes from a promotion we were too....
Last Updated: 26th February 2014
67 Votes Commercial
Sick of individually loading coupon codes? We were so we created the Bulk Promotion Code Generator.....
Last Updated: 26th February 2014
66 Votes Free
WHMCS Proxy Manager is a Fully Automated Clients Proxy Management and Delivery Module, Easily Start Your Own Profitable Private or Shared Proxy Site Business Within Minutes.
Last Updated: 15th November 2014
63 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Transfer Module is the best and easiest way to transfer your clients, tickets and products from one WHMCS account to another WHMCS.
Last Updated: 13th February 2014
63 Votes Free
This module allows you to restrict support departments to specific client groups and products so that they cannot tamper with another department's data.
Last Updated: 14th April 2015
63 Votes Commercial
NocLayer Datacenter Management,inventory management system, based on the NocLayer Advanced product, as an integral part of your WHMCS platform.
Last Updated: 29th January 2014
62 Votes Free
Adds a customizable redemption fee to expired domains
Last Updated: 10th February 2014
62 Votes Free
PayPal Subscription Reminder is an ADDON for WHMCS which automatically creates a ticket when a new customer cancellation is received. It does not have the actual functionality to check if there's a valid Paypal Subscription, but will send a reminder to ever customer that cancels.
Last Updated: 24th January 2014
61 Votes Free
Login Alert - WHMCS Addon Module
Last Updated: 9th March 2014
61 Votes Commercial
Use Latch and this module to protect your admin panel and admin accounts against password theft.
Last Updated: 1st March 2014
61 Votes Free
The simple module allow us to show Products on any page.
Last Updated: 19th July 2015
61 Votes Free
With the ticket payment reminder the WHMCS system will open a ticket to each client received his first overdue, second overdue, third overdue reminder by cron job.
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
60 Votes Commercial
Group Management
Last Updated: 9th March 2014
59 Votes Commercial
Prefix your ticket replies with the clients name, saving you time in finding it and typing it out each time.
Last Updated: 1st March 2014
59 Votes Commercial
CloudRadius Software is an addon module for ISPs using WHMCS and FreeRadius.
Last Updated: 16th May 2014
59 Votes Commercial
Add "Generate" Button to admin area pages, for example to Add Client page, Client and Contact pages and more... No template files Changes! will work also after whmcs upgrade
Last Updated: 17th July 2014
58 Votes Free
FREE WHMCS Chat Plugin from Admin-Ahead
Last Updated: 23rd September 2014
58 Votes Commercial
This module is for billing products hourly via WHMCS. You can enable hourly billing for any product in whmcs, you can set the hourly price up to a chosen maximum e.g. 0.10/hr up to 10.00/mo
Last Updated: 8th August 2014
57 Votes Commercial
LDAP Authentication integrated to WHMCS (for Admin login only) so that you wouldn’t have to go to too many places to manage your staff.
Last Updated: 26th June 2014
57 Votes Commercial
With powerful Appointment Scheduler addon module you can create new appointment, you can view appointments list, logs, you can add new technician, list technician and much, much more.
Last Updated: 20th July 2014
56 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Advanced Synchronization For WHMCS will allow you to automatically import/export and synchronize accounts of external servers with your WHMCS!
Last Updated: 22nd September 2015
55 Votes Commercial
Security Plus+ Adds another layer of protection to your installation of WHMCS.
Last Updated: 30th October 2015
54 Votes Commercial
This module is to abort sending WHMCS Failed Message Detector to all admins. With this module Full Administrator can set permission of sending WHMCS Failed Message Detector to particular admins. Of example
Last Updated: 24th January 2015
53 Votes Free
Completely automate your billing and QuickBooks Online bookkeeping! Featuring SmartSync for clients & invoices. Includes automatic and manual sync - you choose!
Last Updated: 24th February 2017
53 Votes Commercial
The module developed to add meta description and meta keywords and change the page title with one click. We have remove the license system now you can use the module on multi website.
Last Updated: 21st October 2015
52 Votes Free
Thousands of contacts and invoices is synced from WHMCS to Xero successfully using batch process.
Last Updated: 17th February 2016
51 Votes Commercial
With Reminder addon module you can easily set the reminder for any client.
Last Updated: 20th July 2014
50 Votes Commercial
This addon will allow you to create SEO friendly pages for your WHMCS website, without any php/tpl coding.
Last Updated: 22nd March 2015
50 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden CRM For WHMCS is a revelatory module created for professional customer relationship management including leads, potentials, follow-ups and many more aspects.
Last Updated: 12th January 2016
49 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS will allow you to be always up to date with the most recent news, module updates and promotions in ModulesGarden.
Last Updated: 5th November 2015
48 Votes Free
This addon Subscribe, Update and Unubscribe WHMCS Clients to your Sendy LIsts.
Last Updated: 17th February 2016
48 Votes Commercial
Powerful Product and Product Group Quota Manager. The Product Quota Manager lets you manage limitations on products, services, and product groups. Administrators can set individual limits per product or set a limit for the product group. There are several more options for fine-tuning your product and group quotas.
Last Updated: 29th July 2014
47 Votes Commercial
This Addon Module Allows you Send sms text message automaticly using this addon for whmcs, send a message to a client when they register, invoice due, a reply has been made to their support ticket or more! (Now supports Clicaktell, SMT SMS a.k.a mySMTsms) and BuyMoreSMS Supported Versions: V4 or V5
Last Updated: 3rd October 2014
46 Votes Commercial
Domain Statistics Collector module provide statistics information about the domains hosted on your cPanel servers.
Last Updated: 23rd October 2014
46 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Quotes Automation For WHMCS was created to accelerate the process from preparing a quote to placing an order.
Last Updated: 21st December 2015
46 Votes Commercial
VoIP Switch including Billing Module for WHMCS by CloudAstrix
Last Updated: 19th July 2014
45 Votes Free
With this addon module you can easily upload and delete addon modules through WHMCS admin area.
Last Updated: 20th July 2014
45 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS plugin allows you to easily bill clients for work performed related to their hosting accounts.
Last Updated: 22nd September 2014
45 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Clients Profiler For WHMCS allows you to preview key information about your clients without necessity of moving to their profiles.
Last Updated: 9th September 2015
45 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS Addon module will can hide your logged in status from your staff members. This can be very useful when you want to quietly login without other staff members to notice.
Last Updated: 12th August 2014
44 Votes Commercial
Search the transaction within WHMCS easy and quick, all WHMCS details are combined with the transaction ID. You can set this addon for diffrent user roles.
Last Updated: 30th October 2014
43 Votes Commercial
Allows you to give away X free configurable options per product and charge for the rest
Last Updated: 15th October 2014
43 Votes Free
The URL redirector will redirect any page on WHMCS to a specific URL of your choice.
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
42 Votes Free
this Module will detect Hebrew / Arabic / Persian tickets and change the admin ticket view to RTL
Last Updated: 21st June 2015
42 Votes Free
Install this addon to resell FraudLabs Pro service as product addon.
Last Updated: 8th January 2015
41 Votes Free
This widget will add a custom block at your administration area to inform you about your OpenSRS account balance.
Last Updated: 12th December 2014
40 Votes Commercial
The module allow us to integrate our freshBook Account with WHMCS for accounting purpose.
Last Updated: 25th February 2016
40 Votes Commercial
This widget will add a custom block at your administration area to inform you about your eNom account balance.
Last Updated: 28th January 2015
39 Votes Commercial
Did you even think of changing WHMCS editor? I've been thinking about it and want to do it so i have created this module to switch between TinyMCE editor in CKEditor. I like CKEditor more than TinyMCE it has more feature.
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
39 Votes Free
This widget will add a custom block at your administration area to inform you about your 42Telecom account balance.
Last Updated: 12th December 2014
38 Votes Free
The users banning manager will protects your clients account from anyone try guessing the client email/password
Last Updated: 10th July 2015
38 Votes Commercial
With our module you can lookup past BitPay transactions and get invoice information without visiting your BitPay Dashboard. It also comes with a WHMCS Widget.
Last Updated: 31st December 2014
37 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Support Tickets Displayer For WHMCS is a free, lightweight module which will allow you to improve tracing of support tickets and also display the exact time of last client reply.
Last Updated: 2nd September 2015
37 Votes Free
When new customers register on the website the owner may need to be informed about the registration, this module will do that by sending an email to the owner's email address.
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
36 Votes Free
Simple addon to add/edit and show tables inside your whmcs
Last Updated: 18th December 2014
36 Votes Commercial
Processes the return files for payments with Brazilian Boletos of bank Itaú
Last Updated: 9th February 2015
35 Votes Commercial
Block invoice data on invoice paid or generated, update invoice date to the date the invoice is paid, interface to edit blocked invoices.
Last Updated: 20th February 2015
35 Votes Commercial
WhoisOnline 2.1 is a complete re-write of it's predecessor and enables transparent session monitoring of your clients which allows you, the admin to see who is logged on, what page they last viewed, where they were referred from, and when, and how long they have been online.
Last Updated: 29th October 2015
35 Votes Commercial
This module will give your customer and visitor the ability to subscribe in your newsletter with one click
Last Updated: 12th November 2015
35 Votes Commercial
Microtronix Quick Menu adds a small customize-able sidebar menu to every admin page in WHMCS. Allowing you quick access to any link you use the most.
Last Updated: 30th January 2015
34 Votes Commercial
Addon para WHMCS que faz o processamento de arquivos de retorno para boletos Bradesco
Last Updated: 9th February 2015
33 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden Support Tickets Allocator For WHMCS is a convenient module created to automate the process of allocating tickets among departments and admin users in your WHMCS.
Last Updated: 17th December 2015
33 Votes Commercial
Verify your customers easily by asking them to generate a pin.
Last Updated: 23rd October 2015
33 Votes Commercial
Do you have salespeople or a network of resellers? Do you need to manage quickly and easily the payment of commissions? Commissions Manager module is the right choice for this need.
Last Updated: 13th January 2016
31 Votes Commercial
Modules Guru Client Report Pro enables you to export and search your client data fast and efficiently
Last Updated: 28th August 2015
29 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Addon ist es möglich, Ihre Überweisungen im CSV-Format automatisch in WHMCS zu importieren.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
28 Votes Commercial
Ein Module zur Abrechnung von Smart-NIC und den Resellern von Smart-NIC Partnern.
Last Updated: 21st August 2015
28 Votes Commercial
Addon that let you apply custom fields in contacts and also associate products and domains with contacts.
Last Updated: 28th August 2015
28 Votes Commercial
Sehen Sie alle Änderungen von Kundendaten in der Administration ein, vergleichen Sie sie und machen Sie sie mit einem Klick rückgängig.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Addon ist es möglich, wiederkehrende Ausgaben zu verwalten und automatisiert in die Bilanz von WHMCS einbuchen zu lassen.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Die Kundenkarte ist eine Google-Maps-Übersicht über den Wohnort Ihrer Kunden und kann zur regionalen Analyse dienen.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Modul können Sie Rechnungen aus WHMCS an Mediafinanz übergeben.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
27 Votes Commercial
The MW Password Manager (PM) is a system for safely managing and sharing various internal company passwords and login credentials with the ability to limit access to certain WHMCS groups and/or users.
Last Updated: 19th May 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Display all active products where the invoice date is overdue.
Last Updated: 23rd October 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Der Guthabenverlauf zeigt Ihnen alle Guthabentransaktionen von Kunden und bietet eine Seiten-Funktion.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
26 Votes Commercial
Leave notes internally for only staff to see, option for specific staff to read.
Last Updated: 23rd October 2015
26 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Addon können Nutzer des Domain-Robots DMC-3 von CPS-Datensysteme die Preislisten schnell und komfortabel in ihr WHMCS importieren.
Last Updated: 16th May 2015
25 Votes Commercial
This module is to advance manage all the services in your WHMCS in one screen.
Last Updated: 11th February 2015
25 Votes Commercial
want to know who is currently online on your site, which clients currently active and in which area, want to get list of logged in admins in admin area, how about referral stats and most viewed pages, all that and more with this simple yet powerful add-on.
Last Updated: 12th July 2015
25 Votes Commercial
This addon does a 302 redirect and sends an X-Robots-Tag header along with noindex and nofollow, which makes sure search engines aren’t allowed to index or follow the URLs.
Last Updated: 16th August 2015
24 Votes Commercial
ModulesGarden QuickBooks For WHMCS provides multilevel integration of data stored in your system into a professional, world-famous accounting software platform - QuickBooks.
Last Updated: 1st February 2016
24 Votes Commercial
A Firewall, intrusion detection system, secure backups, automated alerting & auditing WHMCS security and firewall addon to protect your WHMCS powered website.
Last Updated: 19th August 2015
23 Votes Commercial
Our WHMCS Cloudflare module links WHMCS to your Cloudflare account via client API to instantly sync WHMCS banning and auto-expire actions to your entire Cloudflare network. This is a major leap forward in security as one manual or automated security action in WHMCS can instantly help to protect your entire network of Cloudflare websites, with no complex programming needed on your part and no need to login to Cloudflare directly.
Last Updated: 18th October 2015
23 Votes Free
This WHMCS Addon Module will allow you to create tutorials for your staff, making it very easy to train new staff by having a tutorial for each job they need to do.
Last Updated: 23rd October 2015
22 Votes Commercial
More than one Marketing Services; mailChimp, Campaign Monitor,Constance Contact integrations that provide flexibility to choose any of one.
Last Updated: 18th December 2015
21 Votes Commercial
Infinity Statements Generates a report based on client transactions & invoices for printing, or can email it to the client directly from your WHMCS. It Also provides automatic statement sending to clients on selected day of the month.
Last Updated: 15th December 2015
20 Votes Commercial
This is a very simple addon which lets you sync your Whmcs customers (phone and mobile number) to your gmail contacts.
Last Updated: 14th December 2015
20 Votes Commercial
The module allows admin to send other admin an email OR send email to a particular department or ALL department.
Last Updated: 17th August 2015
19 Votes Commercial
WHMCS addon that maps clients to employees and allows an optional commission percentage to be applied on invoices marked Paid. Commissions reports by month per employee.
Last Updated: 14th October 2015
18 Votes Free
Infinity Balances provides you with a list of all clients with outstanding balances right where you need it... On your admin home page for quick reference.
Last Updated: 13th December 2015
17 Votes Commercial
This widget will add a custom block at your administration area to inform you about your Infobip for SMS account balance.
Last Updated: 21st September 2015
16 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Invoice Auditor helps you keep track of invoice changes and deletions. If you are a high volume WHMCS user then you already know the importance of keeping track of your invoices
Last Updated: 26th October 2015
16 Votes Free
The New Mailchimp Addon for WHMCS 6
Last Updated: 30th November 2015
16 Votes Commercial
Display Image with Product while checkout process
Last Updated: 8th December 2015
16 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Email Tracking, Analytic’s and Automated Actions are the missing puzzle piece to increased revenue, customer satisfaction and retain clients. WHMCS Emails is the easiest, smartest and most advanced email Delivery (5-minute intergration) Analytic’s tool. Our Email Intelligence allows you to discover how clients interaction with your WHMCS emails impact Revenue, Customer Satisfaction and Churn.
Last Updated: 2nd December 2015
15 Votes Commercial
Muestra dentro de tu whmcs, el saldo disponible que tienes en mercadopago, y puedes retirar el saldo en un clic.
Last Updated: 26th January 2016
14 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Job Manager is the all in one Job Order Management Module for WHMCS, bringing your clients,invoices & employees together...
Last Updated: 3rd February 2016
13 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Client Account Reporter Provides you with a simple & effective age report... Sort-able & easy to read.... Export Client's outstanding balances to CSV & PDF. Easily manage what clients are owing and locate the invoices relating to each period (120+, 90, 60, 30 & current days)
Last Updated: 10th February 2016
12 Votes Free
Abandoned Cart plugin works in the background, sending email notifications to your customers, reminding them of their abandoned orders.
Last Updated: 1st March 2016
9 Votes Commercial
- Kundengruppen entprechende Produktgruppen zuordnen. - Unsichtbarkeit aller anderen Gruppen. - Assign client groups to product groups. - Invisibility for all other groups.
Last Updated: 15th February 2016
8 Votes Commercial

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

Disclaimer: The addons available here are provided by third party developers. WHMCS has not vetted the code in any of the addons listed here, and cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the use of them. We are also unable to provide support for any issues with third party code.

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