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Category: Provisioning Module - Type: Free
Last Updated: 26/07/2013 - Supported Versions: V5.0 or Later

The Website Protection module easily allows you to resell’s Website Protection Service to your clients. The module is integrated through a REST API to automate all the account setup actions. You set the price and charge your clients. will invoice you once per month for the peak number of active monthly users once you go over (10) active users.

up to 10 - free
over 100 - $ 8.00 /mth
over 500 - $ 7.00 /mth
over 1000 - $ 6.00 /mth
over 5000 - $ 5.00 /mth
over 10000 - $ 4.00 /mth
over 25000 - $ 3.00 /mth will send you an invoice the first month you have over 10 active Protection Pro users.

Number of active protection pro users is the highest number of active protection pro users that occur in a calendar month.’s Website Protection Pro™ is the ultimate weapon against copyright infringement. Your end-client can perform his own DMCA Takedowns, scan for copies of your content online, find out who is ripping him off and much more!

The module auto-creates the Add-on for your products. When your client buys a product with the Website Protection add-on, it gets transformed into a product once order is activated. Your end-client will receive account details over the email and will have possibility to choose the Protection Badge in your client area.

1. Unpack the .zip package to your main WHMCS Directory
2. In your admin area, go to Setup -> Add-on Modules
- Activate " Website Protection"
- Setup your User and Password and privileges for Admin Group
3. In Add-ons-> Website Protection
- Configure DMCA Protection Product
- Assign your products with DMCA Protection Add-on (will create a new Product Add-on)
4. Try and test order for your products !!! You are setup ;)

If you have any questions or problems with the module, please contact [email protected] directly.

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Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 21/05/2013

  • Adminarea Addon
  • Automatic Products Addons Creation and Product Assignment
  • DMCA Product Creation
  • Provisioning Module with Create/Terminate/Suspend/Unsuspend functionality for Subaccounts
  • Automatic Product Addon Transformation to Product After Order
  • Clientarea Badges Management

Version: 1.0.1 - Last Updated: 26/07/2013

  • Improvements for Creation Process - New accounts are created as PRO accounts
  • Few minor fixes

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