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Category: Provisioning Module - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 22/10/2015 - Supported Versions: Version 5.0 Or later (Earlier Versions Untested)

Want to setup CraftSRV Servers from within your WHMCS system? Using this module you can Setup, Suspend, Terminate, Start and Stop CraftSRV Minecraft Servers.

Your customers can Start, Stop, Restart and Force Stop their servers from within their client area. Memory and CPU usage bars show your customers exactly what percentage of their resources they are using and they can even login to the CraftSRV control panel directly from WHMCS.

As an admin you are able to Create, Terminate, Suspend, Stop, Start, Restart and Force Stop minecraft servers too!

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Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 17/04/2013

  • Start, Stop, Reboot and Force Stop Minecraft servers from the client area and admin area.
  • Suspend, Terminate and Create CraftSRV Minecraft servers.
  • Change user passwords
  • Automatic Setups

Version: 1.1 - Last Updated: 19/08/2013

  • New Cloud License System
  • Updated API
  • Accept Order Bug Fix

Version: 1.1 - Last Updated: 21/08/2013

  • Fixed Bug with order acceptance
  • Servers now create with no issues
  • API Key bug addressed
  • Version Number Field added to product configuration
  • Upgrade / Downgrade bug resolved

Version: 1.2.1 - Last Updated: 20/02/2014

  • Updated to work with WHMCS 5.3.X

Version: 1.2.2 - Last Updated: 22/10/2015

  • - Various Bug Fixes
  • - Front End Client area style Bug
  • - Updated to use redundant licensing system.

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