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Category: Admin Area Addon - Type: Free
Last Updated: 28/07/2014 - Supported Versions: 5

With this module, you can completely override the basic support system inside of WHMCS allowing you to use SmarterTrack (version 8.4 or higher) to manage support tickets, live chats and knowledge base articles. This will also allow your support staff to manage your clients within the SmarterTrack interface without having to jump back and forth between WHMCS and SmarterTrack.

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Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 27/03/2013

  • - The ability to override the knowledge base links within WHMCS to redirect to SmarterTrack’s knowledge base articles.
  • - The ability to provide live chat support links within WHMCS that will pop up a SmarterTrack live chat within the WHMCS interface.
  • - The ability to override “contact us” email to start a ticket within SmarterTrack rather than an email to a chosen email address. The ticket will also have a different comment added to it that states it was submitted via Sales Acquisition. You also get to specify which department these tickets are automatically submitted to.
  • -Full Ticket support including:
  • --Include / exclude departments based on settings within SmarterTrack
  • --Full custom field support
  • --A comment added to every ticket submitted to show it was created through WHMCS
  • --Customizable auto responders with the ability to direct ticket links to WHMCS rather than SmarterTrack
  • --View all tickets on the support tickets page and all open tickets on client area page
  • --Restrict users from closing tickets based on settings set in SmarterTrack
  • -Help Phone Number and or Email Address to be displayed on Error Pages.
  • F-ull email/username and password support. This means that whenever a client changes their email or password, the change will also reflect within SmarterTrack.
  • -A page in the management interface of WHMCS for syncing SmarterTrack and WHMCS users. (SmarterTrack uses the client’s email address for the username).
  • -Full open source module with language string overrides, a custom style sheet, and custom client template pages that can all be modified to serve the Company’s needs.

Version: 1.1 - Last Updated: 16/05/2014

  • FIXED: An issue with proper Role assignment when Users are synced.

Version: 1.2 - Last Updated: 28/07/2014

  • Updated download URL.

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