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Professional SMS notifications with many options (like admin Login/Logout) & completly customizable sms text. Can notify you & and your clients. Customer can activate/deactivate recieving sms notifications.
Last Updated: 9th August 2015
1594 Votes Commercial
Turn your WHMCS into a CMS - With Multi Language!
Last Updated: 21st October 2013
1121 Votes Commercial
Allows clients to log in using their other accounts from around the web. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
Last Updated: 20th July 2015
1004 Votes Commercial
ServerPing is a full feature server monitoring service completely integrated into the WHMCS client area. It allows you to either sell or give away server monitoring service to your clients.
Last Updated: 12th October 2013
959 Votes Commercial
Allows clients to log in using their other accounts from around the web using the service. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
Last Updated: 20th July 2015
948 Votes Commercial
Allow your customers to easily unblock their ip from your cPanel servers CSF firewall.
Last Updated: 6th April 2013
931 Votes Free
Allow your clients to enter a secure verification code sent to their mobile device before they can log in. Uses the Twilio API.
Last Updated: 31st August 2015
920 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS module enables a new option in the Client Area for clients to filter/hide services in the My Services, My Invoice, and My Domains section by status.
Last Updated: 25th November 2013
900 Votes Commercial
Logo payment system looks more attractively and it is more recognized. In the form of the order it is possible to replace the text on Logo.
Last Updated: 19th November 2009
671 Votes Free
WHMCMS gives you tools needed to create unlimited multilingual pages, menu groups that can be shown in various places of your website, a portfolio to create kind of credibility, and FAQ groups to be linked to many projects and/or services, and more useful tools to customize all aspects
Last Updated: 21st July 2015
620 Votes Commercial
Allows allocation of one checkbox - to note at once all TLD's
Last Updated: 5th November 2009
579 Votes Free
The Virtual HyperVM Control Panel will allow a client to view bandwidth, disk and memory usage. A client can also control the power status and rebuild the VPS. All this can be achieved without logging into HyperVM.
Last Updated: 17th November 2011
572 Votes Commercial
This mod allows you to put your top Knowledgebase Articles on any Client Area WHMCS template.
Last Updated: 1st July 2009
568 Votes Free
Let your hosting clients (include resellers) to automatically unblock themselves without having to contact your support.
Last Updated: 7th January 2010
549 Votes Commercial
Ready to install KB Articles, Easy to install, Option get new articles as they are produced. SAVE Time and Money on Support!
Last Updated: 4th August 2010
438 Votes Commercial
This control panel is a client area addon that will allow companies that resell Limestone Networks servers. This addon will gives your customers the complete and total control of all their servers at their convenience through your WHMCS client area.
Last Updated: 22nd February 2010
418 Votes Commercial
MyProducts replaces the standard WHMCS "My Products & Services" area with an enhanced, easy-to-navigate, sortable list of all of a clients products and services.
Last Updated: 2nd February 2012
413 Votes Commercial
The APC/Bandwidth integration allows for a webhost to place the reboot request process in the hands of the server owner. This script allows your customers to control the power going to their dedicated servers right from the WHMCS clientarea.
Last Updated: 24th October 2015
400 Votes Commercial
What this module does is force your clients to agree to the new Terms or Service or they are denied access to there account.
Last Updated: 10th December 2010
385 Votes Commercial
A CSF/cPanel unblocker script with virtually no configuration required!
Last Updated: 18th September 2010
369 Votes Commercial
WHMCS Addon that will allow your clients to 1 click configure google apps for their domain
Last Updated: 21st January 2012
366 Votes Commercial
This module allows you to create unlimited pages for WHMCS withe Multi-Lingual Translations.
Last Updated: 15th November 2015
349 Votes Commercial
Your clients are able to post testimonials from their client area and choose what product they would like to praise.
Last Updated: 19th February 2016
344 Votes Commercial
This module will allow your customers to view all of your servers HTTP uptime.
Last Updated: 29th August 2010
339 Votes Commercial
By adding another PayPal button to your view invoice screen you are able to provide the option for you clients to make partial payments towards an invoice.
Last Updated: 25th February 2015
309 Votes Commercial
Displays currently pending domain transfers inside of the client area "My Domains" area. Also adds a quick lookup to the admin addon page.
Last Updated: 10th January 2012
284 Votes Free
Whether or not to provide Shell / SSH access to your customers can be a tough decision to make. You never know if the customer is genuine or what they plan on doing with it. AutoShell makes this decision a whole lot easier for you... read more find out how.
Last Updated: 9th June 2011
278 Votes Commercial
With this addon module you can reward any client action. For example, reward client with a few reward points if invoice is paid in the time, reward client if is created a new order, etc. There are over 30 different situations where you can assign positive or negative reward points to the client account.
Last Updated: 7th February 2014
238 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Pages module allows you to easily add custom pages to your WHMCS install without the need to create files, or access your site through FTP. All you need to do is click 'add new' and then add your content! Custom Templates, Custom Options, and much more
Last Updated: 6th February 2016
237 Votes Commercial
W-Blog is the most powerful addon model We have developed that can integrate with WHMCS very easy ou can add unlimited categories and unlimited posts you can setup the blog as you pleased with the blog settings Feature
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
235 Votes Commercial
Simple to setup, just upload your flash files to a folder and pick them from the list. It also has multi-language support.
Last Updated: 25th November 2011
232 Votes Free
WHMCS module that allows client side ticket integration with Kayako ticket system version 4 and version 3
Last Updated: 25th January 2012
215 Votes Commercial
This module listed questions and answers, answer common questions a user may have about your products or that a newcomer to your Web site
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
208 Votes Free
Fast, easy serach engine optimisation for your WHMCS site. The WHMCS SEO Addon Module makes managing your WHMCS sites seo meta description and keywords so simple.
Last Updated: 6th February 2016
207 Votes Commercial
Let your clients register or login to their accounts on your WHMCS website with one click using the best WHMCS Facebook Connect addon.
Last Updated: 3rd March 2016
204 Votes Commercial
This module listed questions and answers, answer common questions a user may have about your products or that a newcomer to your Web site
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
199 Votes Commercial
Easily Manage your sites robots.txt file
Last Updated: 17th February 2012
184 Votes Commercial
This module allow you to add a page for your privacy policy
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
182 Votes Free
Allow Affiliates to link to any page on your WHMCS site!
Last Updated: 15th October 2012
181 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Simple Sitemap makes it so simple to add a fully dynamic, valid and stylish xml sitemap to your WHMCS install.
Last Updated: 30th August 2012
174 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Checkout Associated Downloads addon simply checks if the current completed order has associated downloads.
Last Updated: 20th October 2012
169 Votes Commercial
SHAC Panel for WHMCS is based off the SingleHop API and will allow companies that resell SingleHop dedicated servers to offer their clients the same level control as they do all from within their WHMCS client area. This will help stop support tickets from being opened with requests to either reboot or update rDNS entries.
Last Updated: 7th March 2011
168 Votes Commercial
This module allows you to add custom CSS and JS content to your site.
Last Updated: 9th May 2012
167 Votes Free
Post all your WHMCS announcements to your WordPress Site automatically.
Last Updated: 11th March 2012
158 Votes Commercial
Most of the hosting company have many level-1 support staff. admin don't have enough time reviewing all the support tickets. if there some customers don't happy with some staff, it is hard for admin knowing about this.
Last Updated: 27th October 2015
157 Votes Commercial
cPanel DNS Manager for WHMCS is an addon module which allows customers who have only domain names without a hosting package to manage DNS zones of their domain names.
Last Updated: 31st July 2015
144 Votes Commercial
Allow Sirportly to take control of your help desk
Last Updated: 10th May 2012
142 Votes Free
Single Sign On allows a user to only sign in once and be signed in automatically across different systems
Last Updated: 27th May 2013
126 Votes Free
This module with provide the best security for your customers, staff and VPS SolusVM, implements Two Factor Verification with SMS – PhoneCalls – Mobile Apps to stop hackers and unauthorized access. Demo Available (7 days)
Last Updated: 27th November 2012
125 Votes Commercial
Give FreeHosting package with each domain registration and/or renew!
Last Updated: 4th August 2014
121 Votes Commercial
Allow your customers to get SMS notification anywhere in the world
Last Updated: 27th March 2013
120 Votes Free
integrate goMobi mobile websites in WHMCS
Last Updated: 10th February 2016
115 Votes Free
Allow your clients to automatically login from Invoice Emails
Last Updated: 2nd January 2013
107 Votes Commercial
Now with client username module you clients can register on WHMCS with a username.
Last Updated: 27th October 2015
107 Votes Commercial
Maintenance mode is for preventing any users other than administrators from using the site while maintenance is taking place, though it's not designed to prevent user access during version upgrades.
Last Updated: 15th November 2015
101 Votes Commercial
This perfect addon module is ideal for Client Verification.
Last Updated: 13th February 2014
94 Votes Commercial
Let your customers transfer their domain name to another customer!
Last Updated: 30th September 2012
93 Votes Commercial
Developer Tracker module designed to help you manage software development.
Last Updated: 28th January 2016
93 Votes Commercial
Your clients are able to post reviews from their client area and you can approve or delete them from WHMCS admin.
Last Updated: 18th November 2010
92 Votes Commercial
Add additional RSS feeds to your site using existing content.
Last Updated: 27th February 2012
92 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Reviews Module adds another layer of social interaction to your website, and provides prospective clients with an honest (hopefully good) idea (testimonial/review) of the level of support, or quality of services you provide.
Last Updated: 3rd January 2013
92 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Subscriptions module hands the power over to your clients and allows them to choose which emails they received from your site. This is a must if you want to satisfy the CAN SPAM ACT in the US.
Last Updated: 1st November 2012
91 Votes Commercial
Allows you to install any analytic code onto admin or client areas
Last Updated: 18th March 2013
90 Votes Free
The Min Cancel Notice WHMCS module allows you to limit when a client may issue a cancellation request to x days before the next due date. For example you can use this to require 10 days notice for canceling a vps and 5 days notice for canceling a shared hosting account or set a default option for all of your services.
Last Updated: 13th March 2013
89 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Advanced Alerts module is perfect for providing small pieces of information to your visitors in Growl Style alerts.
Last Updated: 11th November 2013
88 Votes Commercial
The Quantum Vault Client Management module, adds functionality to WHMCS to allow clients (and admins) to manage their credit card on file in the Quantum Vault.
Last Updated: 11th August 2015
85 Votes Commercial
Service Level Agreement Module
Last Updated: 30th September 2013
84 Votes Commercial
Let your Clients generate support PINs for the easy verification over livesupport or telephone.
Last Updated: 22nd June 2015
83 Votes Commercial
WHMCS addon module which allows clients and webmasters to log in & register with their Google accounts
Last Updated: 3rd March 2016
79 Votes Commercial
Simple addon module to easily install Offerchat JavaScript
Last Updated: 10th December 2013
78 Votes Free
A quick module with a built in hook to disable new orders from being processed until unchecked in the backend.
Last Updated: 15th March 2013
77 Votes Commercial
vBulletinAccess is simple WHMCS module through which you can easily add your WHMCS client to your VB forum located anywhere.vBulletinAccess
Last Updated: 13th February 2014
77 Votes Commercial
If you've several companies in the ISP brance, then our WHMCS Multi-site module is a nice solution for your administation. Our WHMCS Multi-site module allows you to manage multiple brands from only one WHMCS admin panel. So you need only one WHMCS license to manage all your companies.
Last Updated: 13th August 2014
76 Votes Commercial
The module will add an extra textarea under the ticket message textarea. If the client added some sensitive data in the textarea and submit the ticket the sensitive data will be send by email to the assigned staff for this ticket department.
Last Updated: 11th July 2015
74 Votes Commercial
The Response Times addon modules creates a dynamic smarty variable which can be used within your templates to display your average response time to ticket replies. The response time is calculated using a custom query, which can be altered in the module settings.
Last Updated: 16th August 2013
73 Votes Commercial
A clean and elegant client notification system which integrates right into WHMCS.
Last Updated: 6th November 2013
72 Votes Commercial
Allows you to add a Resend Welcome Email button to the client area.
Last Updated: 30th July 2013
71 Votes Commercial
This module will give the customers the ability to use domains they have already purchased
Last Updated: 1st June 2015
71 Votes Commercial
This addon show Ads (or information) in jQuery Modal window to your visitors and/or clients.
Last Updated: 24th February 2016
71 Votes Commercial
BusyRack Rackspace DNS Manager for WHMCS is an addon module which allows customers who have only domain names without a hosting package to manage DNS zones of their domain names. It is integrated directly into WHMCS template under Domains Management area. Once client enters DNS Manager for a domain name, the module will automatically connect to a Rackspace account and create a zone file. Client will be able to add/edit/delete DNS records via DNS Manager interface.
Last Updated: 5th October 2013
70 Votes Commercial
Admin can add pages and clients can view the pages as per their subscribed product
Last Updated: 12th August 2015
69 Votes Commercial
This module allows your customers to specify a username and/or password using custom product fields instead of having them automatically generated when ordering a new service. Upon payment the custom username and/or password is then assigned to the product before the create command is ran.
Last Updated: 26th November 2013
68 Votes Commercial
Observium is an auto discovering network monitoring application used in the networking infrastructure. Our WHCMS + Observium module will help you to show real time usage through correct graphs, monitor bandwidth & bill for overages.
Last Updated: 7th April 2014
67 Votes Commercial
This addon rewards clients with a x% bonus on deposits over $xxx
Last Updated: 15th July 2015
66 Votes Commercial
Improve the quality of customer reviews with this module which requires a written review as well as a ranking
Last Updated: 6th October 2015
66 Votes Commercial
Greek Language File for WHMCS Client Area
Last Updated: 31st December 2013
64 Votes Free
The WHMCS Forum module is the most advanced user interaction module for WHMCS. It is a full forum application in its own right and integrates seamlessly with WHMCS and your clients.
Last Updated: 1st May 2014
62 Votes Commercial
SMS verification plugin that uses Twilio as backend. It completely takes control over the ordering process by requiring users to enter a verification code that is sent to them by SMS.
Last Updated: 1st May 2014
61 Votes Commercial
Account Validation prevents unauthorized account access. When you enable Account Validation on your account, you get another layer of security on your account.
Last Updated: 13th August 2015
61 Votes Commercial
With the poll module you can easy and quick setup a poll on your site by a going through a few steps in a wizard you can follow up on the progress on all your polls you have started on your site
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
57 Votes Commercial
The Public Pay addon for WHMCS allows your clients to accept public payments towards their hosting account, domain registrations, SSL certificates and any other billable items in their WHMCS account. This is especially useful to Clans who have members who will help pay for a website, VoIP server, VPS etc. Clients can also post their unique Public Pay link on their website and accept anonymous payments / donations towards their hosting fees!
Last Updated: 19th May 2014
57 Votes Commercial
Combine your WHMCS and WordPress into a single site.
Last Updated: 4th March 2015
55 Votes Commercial
To transfert funds between account Actions:. - Records of transactions - File including simple installation.
Last Updated: 14th February 2014
55 Votes Commercial
The Verify Email addon module requires users to verify their email address before they will be able to login to the WHMCS client area
Last Updated: 7th February 2016
55 Votes Commercial
This module allows your customers to offer a contribution page. For game servers for example. Using Starpass and/or Allopass.
Last Updated: 14th February 2014
54 Votes Commercial
This module help on translating security questions easily through WHMCS Control Panel, without the need to make any adjustments to the template files.
Last Updated: 12th October 2014
54 Votes Free
If your pages are long winded, it’s a good idea to provide viewers with an easy way to quickly/automatically scroll back to the top of the page. That’s is exactly what this module does.
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
53 Votes Free
If your pages are long winded, it’s a good idea to provide viewers with an easy way to quickly/automatically scroll back to the top of the page. That’s is exactly what this module does.
Last Updated: 6th January 2015
52 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS CMS Plus module is WHMCS content revolutionised. No longer do you need a blog module, a pages module, a portfolio module. With advanced content type creation you can create as many content types as required all in one module.
Last Updated: 15th July 2015
47 Votes Commercial
Advanced Server Status is an addon that is based on the default whmcs server status page in the client area. The addon is fully customisable. You can enter custom server groups, choose which ports you want to be monitored in each group, also shows the % uptime of each server. It has an auto-refresh plus more features. 3 images are used: green for online services, grey for non monitored services, red for services with a downtime.
Last Updated: 28th August 2015
47 Votes Commercial
The "Domain Parking" addon automatically parks any domain order (that have no hosting account and have the default nameservers) in your cPANEL server!
Last Updated: 25th August 2014
46 Votes Commercial
“New Google Analytics” addon inserts the new Google Analytics tracking code in your WHMCS installation. With this addon module you can make several customizations in the tracking code and track not only your visitors but also your customers with the new feature of Google analytics “Track IDs”.
Last Updated: 30th June 2015
46 Votes Commercial
Get More Likes with Facebook Like Box
Last Updated: 21st January 2016
45 Votes Commercial
We are presenting you with our Customer Reviews Module on steroids.
Last Updated: 14th September 2014
44 Votes Commercial
Security login adds an additional layer of security to your client area. If the user failed login attempts x times then the user remember his password and successfully login he need to enter a second passcode
Last Updated: 17th October 2015
42 Votes Commercial
The Linode DNS Manager uses the Linode API. It allows for clients to have control over their DNS Zones. It also automates zone entries when clients order hosting services.
Last Updated: 25th February 2015
41 Votes Free
Select your Username custom field and activate addon. So easy so optimising!
Last Updated: 9th January 2015
38 Votes Commercial
Allow your clients to generate .htpasswd compatible passwords, right from your WHMCS client area!
Last Updated: 17th November 2014
37 Votes Commercial
Multilanguage support for product descriptions, names, groups, headline, tagline, gateways, departments in all your templates. Easy to use and install.
Last Updated: 30th December 2015
37 Votes Commercial
This is a simple module to add your social networking sites & icons in a list to display on your website!
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
36 Votes Free
This module will allow you to disable the fraud check per payment method.
Last Updated: 13th November 2014
35 Votes Commercial
This plugin will allow you to set fees based on the gateway used by the client, both in a percentage as well as a standing price.
Last Updated: 13th May 2015
34 Votes Free
This module allow you to add a page for your terms of use on this module you can add/edit/delete you can add description and keyword for terms of use page it's multi-lingual translations and you can hide and show terms and sort order the terms
Last Updated: 7th January 2015
33 Votes Free
With this Module your Able to setup Popups for your Homepage and also only for your clients. Simple via Admininterface.
Last Updated: 7th September 2015
33 Votes Commercial
This WHMCS module allows you to register clients quickly with their email only, logging them in immediately and sending the password to their email. You can try it out on our homepage under "Create an account in seconds."
Last Updated: 15th December 2015
30 Votes Commercial
Login Verify Pin prevents unauthorized account access. When you enable pin code on your account, you get another layer of security on your account that. To protect the security of accounts, Login Verify Pin requires you to verify your account before you can logins.
Last Updated: 25th November 2015
29 Votes Commercial
Deliver important alerts to your clients.
Last Updated: 8th June 2015
28 Votes Commercial
Der Adventskalender für WHMCS basiert auf Flash und wurde exklusiv für sourceWAY erstellt.
Last Updated: 16th May 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Dieses Addon ermöglicht es, Kunden ihre Support-Tickets gegen Bezahlung priorisieren zu lassen. Im Ticket wird der aktuelle Status angezeigt, eine Priorisierung ist durch Guthaben möglich.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Set Contract and Termination Periods, Setzen sie Kündigungsfristen und Vertragslaufzeiten
Last Updated: 25th April 2015
27 Votes Commercial
This is a simple addon that allows you to use the affiliate link on any whmcs page. Simply add ?aff=[affiliate id] to any page which you would like to link to.
Last Updated: 22nd April 2015
27 Votes Free
With our new addon module the Menu Manager will allows you to manage your client area menu items
Last Updated: 8th November 2015
27 Votes Commercial
Dieses Addon rüstet in WHMCS eine Sicherheits-Funktionalität nach: Kunden können sich auf Wunsch per E-Mail über jeden erfolgreich stattgefundenen Login in ihr Konto informieren lassen.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
26 Votes Commercial
Do you use Google Adwords and looking for a fast way to add the conversion tracking code? Then this addon is for you.
Last Updated: 1st July 2015
26 Votes Commercial
Geolocalise visitors and automatically set langauge and currency based on country. It also allows you to use multi-language domains and subdomains like Wikipedia (, or Amazon (,
Last Updated: 13th January 2016
25 Votes Commercial
Diese API bietet Kunden die Möglichkeit, Informationen per HTTP-Request abzurufen und Bestellungen aufzugeben.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
24 Votes Commercial
Dieses Modul wird im Kundenbereich verlinkt, Kunden können sich so eine numerische PIN generieren, die Länge dieser ist im Adminbereich einstellbar.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
24 Votes Commercial
Mit diesem Addon können Ihre Kunden andere auf ihr Guthabenkonto einzahlen lassen.
Last Updated: 15th March 2015
24 Votes Commercial
This addon module created for WHMCS, for companies that they want to provide SECURE API for clients / users to able to intergrate easily theri apps/sites
Last Updated: 26th May 2015
23 Votes Free
Exit Popup enabling you to display a modal before a user leaves your website.
Last Updated: 1st January 2016
21 Votes Commercial
You do not need to be a developer to get started with WHMCS and Intercom integration.
Last Updated: 11th October 2015
20 Votes Commercial
The WHMCS Notifications takes advantage of the new WHMCS V6 notifications features and allows you to add custom notifications for your clients.
Last Updated: 15th July 2015
19 Votes Commercial
Opening hours, auto replies, staff hours, fast track ticket upgrades, average response times and much more.
Last Updated: 3rd October 2015
19 Votes Commercial
Integra tu pixel de Facebooks Ads en WHMCS
Last Updated: 16th January 2016
18 Votes Free
The Hide Items by Status addon for WHMCS allows your customers to hide services, invoices and domain by their statuses.
Last Updated: 5th August 2015
17 Votes Commercial
Favicon manager module lets you add a favicon image to your WHMCS website
Last Updated: 25th September 2015
15 Votes Free
The module adds BBCode markup language to format support tickets. This feature can be easily used by both clients in front-end and by admins in back-end thanks to the lightweight WYSIWYG BBCode & HTML editor that the module automatically adds to textareas.
Last Updated: 4th January 2016
15 Votes Commercial
Manage projects, releases, changelogs, upgrade instructions and keep a track of every activity and create custom statuses. The module also has advanced statistics and front-end custom page.
Last Updated: 4th January 2016
13 Votes Commercial
Securely Collect Sensitive Server Login Details
Last Updated: 25th January 2016
12 Votes Commercial
With this module your client will get an email when they login to the accounts. Each time the client login they will receive email with login details.
Last Updated: 24th February 2016
8 Votes Commercial

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

Disclaimer: The addons available here are provided by third party developers. WHMCS has not vetted the code in any of the addons listed here, and cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the use of them. We are also unable to provide support for any issues with third party code.

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