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Category: Registrar Module - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 03/01/2013 - Supported Versions: V5 or Later

This WHMCS addon allows you to register .IT domains with

This module can be used by every dot IT Accredited Registrar with

Features provided:
-New Registration
-Get EPP Code (auth code)
-Change DNS
-Change registration details

More features will be added as we go along.

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Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 15/03/2012

  • New Registration
  • Transfer
  • Get EPP Code (auth code)
  • Change DNS
  • Change registration details

Version: 1.2.0 - Last Updated: 03/01/2013

  • Reviewed way of handling legal type and Tax ID
  • Added logo file
  • Fixed issues with session logout not happening in certain cases
  • Updated to support NIC.IT Technical Guidelines Version 1.4, effective from 1st of July 2012
  • Set entity type to 0 for technical and administrative contacts
  • Fixed issue with EPP code '2001': Command syntax error / extended reason '4003': ::::1:1524:1523:cvc-type.3.1.3: The value '' of element 'extcon:nationalityCode' is not valid
  • Added poll function, polling latest 20 messages from NIC.IT
  • Removed loading of local Smarty library, assumes WHMCS library is loaded

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