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The Product Fraud Override addon for WHMCS allows you to specify products & services that are excluded from WHMCS’s fraud screening process.
Last Updated: 22nd August 2014
26 Votes Commercial
Powerful Product and Product Group Quota Manager. The Product Quota Manager lets you manage limitations on products, services, and product groups. Administrators can set individual limits per product or set a limit for the product group. There are several more options for fine-tuning your product and group quotas.
Last Updated: 29th July 2014
23 Votes Commercial
This module will give the customers the ability to use domains they have already purchased
Last Updated: 1st June 2015
46 Votes Commercial

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Do you use Google Adwords and looking for a fast way to add the conversion tracking code? Then this addon is for you.
Last Updated: 1st July 2015
0 Votes Commercial
Our WHMCS PayPal Deluxe Gateway is a complete PayPal Gateway with additional features that aren't included in a standard PayPal Gateway. Ready to kick your PayPal gateway into high gear? Download our module for free, and get started!
Last Updated: 23rd June 2015
3 Votes Free
Accept Payments over Docdata
Last Updated: 22nd June 2015
2 Votes Commercial
this Module will detect Hebrew / Arabic / Persian tickets and change the admin ticket view to RTL
Last Updated: 21st June 2015
1 Votes Free
The DynDNS Suite was developed for hosters and data centers that use the domain management system PartnerGate or smart NIC Company or the content delivery network provider CloudFlare.
Last Updated: 1st June 2015
1 Votes Commercial
EuropeanNIc module for WHMCS
Last Updated: 14th June 2015
3 Votes Commercial

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The definitive solution for all your billing needs, payments, credit and promotions for WHMCS.
Last Updated: 30th June 2015
5 Votes Commercial
“New Google Analytics” addon inserts the new Google Analytics tracking code in your WHMCS installation. With this addon module you can make several customizations in the tracking code and track not only your visitors but also your customers with the new feature of Google analytics “Track IDs”.
Last Updated: 30th June 2015
19 Votes Commercial
Recibe pagos en internet en latinoamérica desde cualquier parte del mundo. Modulo de Pago de Payu Latam para WHMCS compatible con todos los medios de pagos en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, México, Panama y Perú. Pagina de respuesta y Callback (Activación Automática)
Last Updated: 29th June 2015
121 Votes Commercial
Whmcs module to resell servers
Last Updated: 28th June 2015
64 Votes Commercial
A beautiful responsive WHMCS portal template based on latest Bootstrap framework. Easy to manage and capability of integrate with any third-party themes optionally.
Last Updated: 28th June 2015
10 Votes Commercial
Módulo TPV para los bancos que usan SERMEPA como pasarela de pagos para pagos via tarjeta de crédito.
Last Updated: 27th June 2015
117 Votes Commercial

WHMCS is easily extendible through the many Developer Resources we make available, including modules, hooks, addons, API's and templates. So here you will find many third party developed extensions that can enhance and add to what WHMCS can do for you, as well as a number of Official Addons created by ourselves.

Disclaimer: The addons available here are provided by third party developers. WHMCS has not vetted the code in any of the addons listed here, and cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the use of them. We are also unable to provide support for any issues with third party code.

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