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Category: Admin Area Addon - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 28/01/2014 - Supported Versions: V5.0+

eNom PRO WHMCS Addon

  • SSL Reminder Email sent before certificate expires

  • Import eNom Domains into WHMCS

  • Import eNom TLD's and Pricing directly into WHMCS

  • Resend transfer confirmation emails in one click

  • Resubmit Failed Transfer Orders in one click

  • Track pending domain transfers from the Admin Homepage

  • Track expiring SSL Certificates

  • See how many domains are registered, and get quick links to view expiring domains.

  • Direct links to enom orders for extended troubleshooting

  • Direct WHMCS links to the client domains

  • 4 Admin Widgets!

    • Reseller Balance with Refill Link

    • Pending Tranfers

    • Account Overview

    • Expiring SSL Certificates

  • Adds enom Domain Spinner Support!

    • Simply add a {$namespinner} smarty tag to the shopping cart page, domain checker and an AJAX widget will do the rest!

  • Fully Customizable CSS and JS Documentation Included

  • All API settings are customizable through the WHMCS Addons Settings page.

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Version: 0.5 - Last Updated: 09/02/2012

  • Admin Widget for Reseller Balance
  • Admin Widget for Pending enom transfers
  • Namespinner Support
  • Client Area Transfer Statuses
  • Full WHMCS Addon API Settings!
  • Open Source Available!

Version: 0.6 - Last Updated: 14/03/2012

  • Intelligently handles enom API response codes
  • Allows resubmitting failed transfers (for domain that are not responded to, or are not older than 60 days when the transfer was initiated)
  • Fixed debugging option where API response would be displayed twice

Version: 0.7 - Last Updated: 21/03/2012

  • The latest version adds several bugfixes as well as the ability to re-submit transfer orders that have failed because they were submitted within the 60 day transfer holding period.
  • The Actions menu has been streamlined to intelligently respond to the response status, only allowing actions to take place for valid enom API status ID's.

Version: 1.0 - Last Updated: 23/08/2012

  • Added Domain Status Widget
  • Added Expiring SSL Certificates Widget
  • --Version 0.8
  • Added Overflow:scroll to the domain transfers to enable long names to be hidden to not break the interface

Version: 2.1 - Last Updated: 20/08/2013

  • Added SRV Record Editor
  • Auto-Activate Imported Domain Orders & Set to Enom Registrar
  • Added Bulk Pricing Importer & Editor
  • Added 1-Click Upgrades
  • Added SSL Reminder Emails to CRON
  • WHMCS Module Logging for API Debugging
  • eNom Addon Page Widget Display
  • Streamlined Domain Import Orders
  • Added Automatic Link to next domain to import
  • Added WHOIS Loookup (Create new accounts in WHMCS coming soon)
  • Automatically Selects WHMCS acccount based on domain WHOIS Email
  • Selects DNS Management & ID Protect Based on eNom
  • Tooltips
  • Fixed admin css from loading on all admin pages
  • Refresh buttons hidden from manage admin roles widget section
  • Fixed Default App Title
  • Adds enom to WHMCS domain import feature
  • NameSpinner Columns (Out of the box - you can select 1,2,3 or 4 columns of Suggested Names - no css required)
  • WHMCS 5.2 Compatibility
  • Customize the Namespinner Add to cart CSS class
  • Major Refactoring of Widgets.
  • 400% performance improvement on admin homepage (4 API calls vs. 16)
  • Adds a flashing "eNom Credit Balance" notification to the admin area
  • Fixed # of results bug
  • Fixed transfer widget "No transfers" state
  • Made the geting started page more helpful
  • Added quicklinks to the Settings page
  • Better Sidebar links inside the module (adds a settings link directly to WHMCS's addon settings for eNom PRO)

Version: 2.1.22 - Last Updated: 10/09/2013

  • Added retail & wholesale pricing option for pricing import
  • Added # Year Limit for pricing import
  • Fixed year dropdown on namespinner
  • Fixed API Method not implemented error for SSL module

Version: 2.1.26 - Last Updated: 28/09/2013

  • Fixed WHMCS API throwing exception without admin ID #1.
  • Added Domain Import AJAX Error Handler
  • Added a PHP >5.2.6 message that disables the auto - upgrader. Recommeded PHP 5.2.7+ (PHP 5.3, or 5.4 is even better)
  • Namespaced AJAX Requests to avoid conflicts with other modules

Version: 2.1.28 - Last Updated: 24/01/2014

  • Version 2.1.29
  • JavaScript expression Error
  • Added USD note to pricing import
  • Version 2.1.27 - 2.1.28
  • Added Auto-Save on Pricing Import Page.
  • Added Free Domain Import Option
  • Bug Fixes

Version: 2.1.29 - Last Updated: 28/01/2014

  • JavaScript expression Error
  • Added USD note to pricing import

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