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Category: Gateway Module - Type: Commercial
Last Updated: 10/01/2012 - Supported Versions: v5.03 or Later

WHMCS Payment Gateway for Stripe(
Supports charge,local storage or tokenization of client credit card data, refunds.
Tested with 5.0.3

Support and development site at

1st Feb 2012: Updated version compatibility due to issues found with 4.5 through 5.0.2 in relation to remote tokens processing.

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Version: 1.3 - Last Updated: 02/12/2011

  • Tokenized gateway or Local storage
  • Automatic Refunds
  • Automatic Captures

Version: v1.33 - Last Updated: 09/12/2011

  • Fix odd condition that could cause a charge to fail if many conditions are met.
  • Fix how CVV is used in local storage, when obtained during checkout.

Version: 1.34 - Last Updated: 09/12/2011

  • Fixed issue where module would just give a white screen if the Stripe.php lib could not be found, in some configurations.
  • If you have a version prior to this, the workaround is to make sure the path is a full path, including Stripe.php.

Version: 1.34.96 - Last Updated: 14/12/2011

  • Critical issue where a debug routing could be invoked to expose the card number in the gateway log.

Version: 1.34.107 - Last Updated: 10/01/2012

  • changed the way amounts are changed to cents. It was causing refunds to be processed incorrectly.
  • changed refund processing to for better refund validation.

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