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Category: Template Customisation - Type: Free
Last Updated: 02/10/2009 - Supported Versions: V4.0 or Later

This addon to WHMCS will use the ENOM provided API to generate domain name suggestions based on what the user searched for. This is a great tool to help your customers find a good domain name for their new website, or an additional domain name.

  • Formatted to match the Web2.0Cart Style
  • Only displays when ordering a new domain name
  • Uses live pricing from your database
  • Formatted to match WHMCS's bulk domain checker layout
  • Uses SSL connection to enom for better securrity
  • Does not suggest unavailable domain names
  • Ability to sort multiple ways (by score, tld, sld, ascending, descending)
  • Debug mode variable available

  • Requires WHMCS 4.0+, PHP5, cURL and SimpleXML
  • Will not output anything if there was an error communicating with Enom
  • Because of the complexity of pulling encrypted passwords from WHMCS's database, you still need to put your Enom username and password into the appropriate variables.

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Version: 1.21 - Last Updated: 02/06/2009

  • Updated to work with WHMCS V4.0

Version: 1.22 - Last Updated: 06/06/2009

  • Updated to include multi-currency support.

Version: 1.3 - Last Updated: 13/06/2009

  • Now works for the bulk domain checker page (domainchecker.php)

Version: 1.4 - Last Updated: 02/10/2009

  • - Added query to pull ENOM login info from the database - Thanks MACscr!
  • - Fixed a minor XHTML validation problem while in debug mode

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